DDA Series

Non-isolated, Single & Dual Output DIN Rail DC-DC Converters 250W – 500W

The DDA DIN rail mount, non-isolated step-down converters are ideal for creating additional high current output voltages from a single output 24V or 48V AC-DC power supply. This highly efficient, compact series accepts a very wide DC input and has a wide output adjustment range with a choice of single or dual output models.

Main Features

  • 250W Single Output, 325W and 500W Dual Output Power Levels
  • High Efficiency up to 95%
  • Wide Input Range – 9 up to 53V
  •  Wide 3.3 to 24V Output Adjustment
  • Narrow 36.5mm Width
  • Convection Cooled


  • High Power Density
  • Less Waste Heat
  • One Part For Multiple Applications
  • Accommodates Non-Standard Voltages
  • More Space Available For Other DIN Rail Devices
  • Easy To Cool In End System

Series Table

Model NumberInput VoltageOutput Voltage 1Output Voltage 2Maximum Output CurrentMaximum Output Power for each output Total Power
Nominal (V)Adjust Range (V)Nominal (V)Adjust Range (V)
DDA250N-S1PX-12-0019 to 53V (turn on at 10V or greater)12V3.3 to 15VNANA20A / NA250W / NA250W
DDA500N-D2PP-1205-0019 to 53V (turn on at 10V or greater)12V3.3 to 15V5V3.3  to 15V20A / 20A250W / 250W500W
DDA325N-D2PN-1212-0019 to 40V (turn on at 10V or greater)12V3.3 to 24V-12V-3.3 to -24V14A / 8A250W / 75W325W


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