DDA Series

Non-isolated, Single & Dual Output DIN Rail DC-DC Converters 250W – 500W

The DDA DIN rail mount, non-isolated step-down converters are ideal for creating additional high current output voltages from a single output 24V or 48V AC-DC power supply. This highly efficient, compact series accepts a very wide DC input and has a wide output adjustment range with a choice of single or dual output models.

Main Features

  • 250W Single Output, 325W and 500W Dual Output Power Levels
  • High Efficiency up to 95%
  • Wide Input Range – 9 up to 53V
  •  Wide 3.3 to 24V Output Adjustment
  • Narrow 36.5mm Width
  • Convection Cooled


  • High Power Density
  • Less Waste Heat
  • One Part For Multiple Applications
  • Accommodates Non-Standard Voltages
  • More Space Available For Other DIN Rail Devices
  • Easy To Cool In End System

Series Table

Model Number Input Voltage Output Voltage 1 Output Voltage 2 Maximum Output Current Maximum Output Power for each output  Total Power
Nominal (V) Adjust Range (V) Nominal (V) Adjust Range (V)
DDA250N-S1PX-12-001 9 to 53V (turn on at 10V or greater) 12V 3.3 to 15V NA NA 20A / NA 250W / NA 250W
DDA500N-D2PP-1205-001 9 to 53V (turn on at 10V or greater) 12V 3.3 to 15V 5V 3.3  to 15V 20A / 20A 250W / 250W 500W
DDA325N-D2PN-1212-001 9 to 40V (turn on at 10V or greater) 12V 3.3 to 24V -12V -3.3 to -24V 14A / 8A 250W / 75W 325W


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