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DISICT240DB-8IRC3DualNetworkingBreakers $2,499.00

Hydraulic/magnetic breakers not included, must be ordered separately. Contact our sales engineers for further assistance.


Dual Bus Front Access Intelligent DC Load Distribution Panel

The ICT240DB-8IRC provides high current 48, 24 and 12 volt DC dual bus DC distribution capability for sites requiring IP-based remote monitoring and power control of connected loads where front access to all connections and functions is required. Each bus is rated at 120 Amps peak and provides four breaker-protected outputs. TCP/IP remote management and power control are standard, allowing remote monitoring of individual loads as well as power-cycling, rebooting, and load shedding of individually selected outputs. The integrated web server provides an intuitive, easy to use browser interface, and SNMP v1/v2c/v3 is supported.


The ICT240DB-8IRC Front Access DC Distribution Panel provides a dual bus, common ground 1RU solution for applications requiring remote monitoring and power control of individual loads. The on-board TCP/IP and web server provide an easy to use, graphical user interface for remote management and power control of system and individual outputs. Each bus supports up to four 30A hydraulic/magnetic breakers for 48, 24, or 12 volts DC.

Dual voltages and polarities can be supported on a single panel, useful for sites requiring -48 and +24 volts DC to be distributed simultaneously. Alarms can be sent to multiple email accounts, and each output has definable load-shed settings. The network watchdog feature will ping a pre-determined I.P. address, such as a router, and power-cycle the device if not answered.

There are four digital inputs for connecting site monitoring sensors such as door, fire, and water alarms, and one dedicated temperature sensor input. These alarms can be given individual names and be sent as email alarm notifications.

The on-board web server means there is no software to maintain, and SNMP is also supported. Firmware can be updated remotely over the Ethernet link. The ICT240DB-8IRC allows each connected load to be monitored, power cycled, or taken off-line. This functionality can be used to conserve power, troubleshoot devices, and reboot connected loads remotely, possibly preventing or delaying the need for an costly site visit.


  • LTE/Small Cell
  • Radio Access Networks
  • DAS
  • Fixed Wireless Broadband
  • RF Wireless Systems

Configurable Alarms

  • Channel over current threshold
  • Channel over/undercurrent
  • Bus over current
  • Automatic load shedding
  • Bus over/under voltage threshold
  • Site monitoring input contact status
  • Temperature over/under alarm reporting (requires ICT-TMP)


DISICT240DB-8IRCFront access dual bus common ground DC distribution panel
ICT-CB5(1)5 Amp hydraulic/magnetic breaker
ICT-CB10(1)10 Amp hydraulic/magnetic breaker
ICT-CB15(1)15 Amp hydraulic/magnetic breaker
ICT-CB25(1)25 Amp hydraulic/magnetic breaker
ICT-CB30(1)30 Amp hydraulic/magnetic breaker
ICT-BLP(1)Breaker Position Blanking Plate
ICT-TMP(2)Temperature Sense Probe with 3M (10ft) cable
ICT-RA2319(2)ICT 23 to 19 inch, 1RU rack mount reducer kit
(1) Hydraulic/magnetic breakers and blanking plates not included, must be ordered separately.
(2) Option, orderable separately


Power Specifications
Operating Voltage Range (pos or neg ground)10-60VDC
System Current Rating  (peak/cont)240A / 200A
A/B Bus Current Rating (peak/cont)120A / 100A
Number of Outputs per Bus4
Output Rating, continuous (12, 24V, 48V)25A
Communications and Control
EthernetTCP/IP built-in web server and graphical user interface, 10/100BASE-T, IEEE 802.3 compatible
Supported ProtocolsIPv4, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, DNS, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, SNMP v1/v2c
SNMP PortsUDP Port 161, SNMP Traps: UDP Port 162
Firmware UpgradesUpgradeable over Ethernet
SecurityPassword protection, HTTPS encryption, TLS 1.0
8 Channel Output MonitoringCurrent draw measured and reported for each output, user definable under and over current alarms
Email and SMS AlertsMultiple email or text accounts, adjustable intervals
Data LoggingUp to 30 days at 1 minute sampling rate, csv file download, major event logging
Network WatchdogAutonomously ping up to two I.P. addresses and power-cycle output if no response, definable settings
Power Cycling and RebootingRemote on/off control of every output individually
Auto Restore ModeReturn to previous output settings after a power loss
Power-up Delay SequencingUser selectable 0 to 60 second delay between outputs
Auto Load SheddingEach output user definable, manual or auto restart
Operating Temperature Range -30 C to +60 C
CoolingTemperature Controlled Fan

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Below some parameters usually required to size and select the right power supply:

  • Power & control requirements
  • Output & Input Voltage / Multioutput Voltage / Variable Voltage
  • Redundancy level
  • Mounting
  • Inrush Current
  • Environmental specifications (Temperature, altitude, vibration, shock)
  • Specific Industries Standards (Railway, Military, Medical)
  • Terminals

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