Automatic Power Factor Correction equipment with detuning reactors

  • Single-phase capacitors MONO Long Life 4IN series in PPMh, for continuous duty under a highly demanding condition in harmonic rich environments. Rated voltage 480 V
  • Power Factor Controller series rEvolution R5 485 radio. Auto-sensing of the direction and the position of the TC, to ease the operations of setup. Suitable for cogeneration plants as PV. NFC connection for the exchange of the configurations with “DUCATI Smart Energy” App . Optional integration with cloud data sharing system DUCNET , through RS485 connection or radio 868 MHz transmission

Zeljko Gakovic - Sales & Applications Manager AC Products - Helios Power Solutions

Zeljko has 26 years of experience in the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and Power Quality industry in Australia. From the service engineer role to national service manager, he was involved in negotiating, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the systems up to 1600kVA. Regardless of the rating, he is always passionate about delivering the right solution for the application and ensuring customer satisfaction as a priority.


General Characteristics
Rated voltage  400 V
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Insulating voltage 690 V
Ventilation Forced
Usage Indoor
Protection degree IP 30
Duty Continuous
Temperature range  -5 +40 °C
Power supply 3PH + PE
Cable entry Top
Internal connection  N07VK
Discharge devices On each capacitor
Fuse NH-00 GL
Standards IEC 61439 where applicable
IEC 61921
ISH 50 kA (conditioned by the upstream protective device)

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