e-one 10 – 48/230 is a stand-alone inverter capable of converting a 48 Vdc power source into a pure sine wave of 230 Vac at 50 Hz. This inverter can deliver 1 kVA / 0.8 kW while operating from -20 to 65°C. e-one can be easily rack, wall or desk-mounted. This inverter is available in two versions: regular (DC input only) and by-pass (AC and DC input). In by-pass version, the inverter can automatically switch from the DC source to the AC source if there are problems (with the batteries, charger or distribution). Another way to better secure your critical loads.

Best-in-class solution?  

With dimensions of 1U x 342 mm x 221 mm, this very small inverter occupies just 3,300 cm³.

We also guarantee a maximum ripple voltage of 0.01%, or 0.048V on the DC source. In practical terms, this means almost no disturbances reach your DC load or batteries; a great benefit as disturbances considerably reduce battery life.

To minimize your maintenance costs, E-one has incorporated a variable fan speed for cooling. The fan’s speed changes, or it switches off entirely, according to need. This reduces fouling and other maintenance problems.

Finally, regarding reliability, the e-one inverter is based on our Y-one inverter which has the lowest conceivable failure rate: 0%.

For which application?

e-one is the ideal solution for powering and securing any AC equipment: telecommunication (5G, WiFi repeaters, supervision, maintenance, cooling, security and access for base stations, etc.), mass transport (signalling systems for trains, GSMR along the track, etc.) and many others (CCTV cameras for traffic control system, police radio network, etc.).



POWER REG 1000 VA / 800W
EMC (immunity) EN 61000-4-2 up to 6
EMC (emission) (class) EN 55022 (A)
Safety IEC 60950-1
Cooling / Isolation Forced / Doubled
MTBF 200 000 hrs
Efficiency DC/AC at 54 VDC 0.9
Dielectric strength DC/AC 4300 Vdc
RoHS Compliant
Vibration GR63 office vibration 0 to 100 hz-0.1 g / transport vibration 5-100 Hz 0.5 g 100 to 500 hz-1.5 g / Drop test
Operating conditions Self adaptive to wide operating conditions and comprehensive table of troubleshooting codes
Altitude above sea without de-rating < 1500 m / derating > 1500 m – 0.8 % per 100 m
Ambient / storage temperature / relative humidity -20 to 50 ° C / -40 to 70 ° C / 95 %, non-condensing
Material (casing) Coated steel
Nominal Output power (VA) / (W) 1000 VA / 800 W
Short time overload capacity 150 % (15 seconds) within T° range
Admissible load power factor 0 lagging to 0 leading
Nominal voltage (DC) 48 V
Voltage range (DC) 40 – 60 V
Nominal current at 800 W / 48 VDC 19 A
Maximum input current (for 15 second) / voltage ripple 28 A / 2 mV psopho @ 48 V – 80% LOAD
Nominal voltage (AC*) 230 V
Frequency / frequency accuracy 50 or 60 Hz / ± 0.01 %
Total harmonic distortion (resistive load) < 1.5 %
Load impact recovery time 0.4 ms
Turn on delay 20 s
Nominal current. Protected against reverse current 4.4 A at 230 VAC
Crest factor at nominal power 3 : 1
With short circuit management and protection 3 : 1
Display Front LED
Alarms output / supervision Dry contact on the front
Remote on / off On the front

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