AC/AC Frequency Converters 1500 VA

The FC1K5 AC/AC frequency converter system uses field proven microprocessor controlled high-frequency PWM technology to generate the required output power with pure sine wave output voltage.
It is a mature design with a track record in numerous applications. The frequency converter is built with internal power modules.
The AC/DC input stage boosts the input voltage to a higher DC voltage, which feeds the DC/AC inverter to generate the required AC output. A built-in fan provides sufficient airflow for operation without de-rating to the specified temperature.
The high-frequency conversion enables a compact construction, low weight and high efficiency.The unit has full electronic protection. The input and output are filtered for low noise. The use of components with established reliability results in high MTBF.


Operating input voltage range:115 or 230Vac, +/-15%

47 … 410Hz are standard.
Factory set for required input voltage

Output Power:1500 VA
Output Voltage:115Vac @ 60Hz or 400Hz/13A rms
Efficiency:Typically 78%
Operating Temp: 0ºC to +50ºC at rated load
Isolation:2250Vdc input to chassis/output
Cooling:On Board Fans
Dimensions:Package size varies from 3U x 7.4” x 16” to a 3U x 19” x 16” modular configuraton