The FPT series is a range of Frequency Converters that provide AC power conversion from 1-Phase to 3-Phase, as well as frequency conversion.
The variety of 3-phase voltage and frequency outputs cover world-wide standard 3-phase voltages for powering equipment in a range of
Industrial, Avionics and Telecom applications.
The units provide true sinusoidal wave form and power levels from 1.5KVA to 6KVA.
Units are manufactured to order and as such, can be designed to meet customers requirements and speci cations.


Operating input voltage range: 115VAC 1- phase 60Hz, 400Hz
230VAC 1- phase 50Hz
Output Power: 1500W = 1K5
3000W = 3K
4500W = 4K5
6000W = 6K
Output Voltage:
208VAC rms 3-phase
308VAC rms 3-phase
415VAC rms 3-phase
Efficiency: Typically 78% at nominal load
Operating Temp:  0°C to +50°C at full load.
Isolation: 2250Vdc input to chassis/output
Cooling: On Board Fans
Dimensions/Weight: 1500VA: 3U x 19in x 15in 19Kg
3000VA: 6U x 19in x 15in 22Kg
4500VA: 6U x 19in x 15in 40Kg
6000VA: 9U x 19in x 15in 40Kg

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