GWS250 – GWS500 AC/DC Power Supplies

Programmable Output Voltage

With two power ratings – 250W convection cooled and 500W with internal fan – the GWS series offers output voltages from 12 to 48V. The series uses innovative design techniques to combine high efficiency, high power density and low standby power with the confidence of a 5-year warranty. Both power levels offer a 5V standby voltage, remote on/off and a DC good signal as standard. Average efficiency ratings are 92.7% for the 250W and 90.3% for the 500W.

19″Rack Mount Option Available.


  • Easier System Integration
  • Broad Range of applications
  • Lower Cost, Smaller Size
  • Erp Compliant ( Excludes 5V and 7.5 models)


Model Power  Output Voltage/Current
GWS250-12 252 W 12V / 21A
GWS500-12 504 W 12V / 42A
GWS250-24 252 W 24V / 10.5A
GWS500-24 504 W 24V / 21A
GWS250-36 252 W 36V / 7A
GWS500-36 504 W 36V / 14A
GWS250-48 254.4 W 48V / 5.3A
GWS500-48 504 W 48V / 10.5A


AC Input Voltage 85 – 264VAC (300VAC for 5s)
Input Frequency 47 – 63Hz
DC Input Voltage 120 – 373VDC
Inrush Current (cold start) 20A/40A at 115VAC, 40A/40A at 230VAC, Ta=25°C (First Inrush/Second Inrush)
Power Factor (1) Meets EN61000-3-2 (Typical PF 0.98/0.95) ClassA
Temperature Coefficient <0.02%/°C (0-50°C)
Overcurrent Protection Hiccup (5V-12V models)   Constant Current Limit (24V-48V models)
>105% rated output power or >101% of peak output power
Overtemperature Protection (2) Yes
Leakage Current (230VAC 60Hz) <0.75mA @230VAC
Remote Sense Yes (GWS500)
Remote On/Off Possible (Active Low)
Standby Input Power Draw (3) <0.5W
5V Standby (always on) 5V 0.3A
DC Good DC Good, open collector signal, High on Fail
LED Indicator Green LED = On
Output Remote Programming By external voltage. See installation manual for details
Operating Temperature -25°C to +70°C.  Derate linearly to 50% load from +50°C to +70°C (-40°C start up)
Storage Temperature -30°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity 30 – 90% RH (non condensing)

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