Smart HelSys

-48VDC Rectifier System up to 3kW

Smart HelSys system is a compact and intelligent power system, it can house up to 3 rectifiers of 1kW and 1 SC501 controller. Integrated DC system capability with controller and distribution module options, allow customers to have a complete DC Power System in 1U height.

Smart HelSys system is designed for a wide range of telecommunication applications such as fibre optic network, satellite communication ground station. transmission equipment, mobile communications and 5G base station/micro base station.


  • The rectifier uses the active Power Factor Compensation (PFC) technology, the power factor is up to 0.99.
  • The system has a wide AC input voltage range: 80Vac ~ 300Vac.
  • The rectifier uses soft switching technology, the efficiency is up to 95%.
  • The rectifier safety design complies with UL and CE standards.
  • The monitoring module has perfect battery management. The management functions include the LLVD, BLVD, temperature compensation, auto voltage regulation, current limitation, battery capacity calculation and on-line
  • battery test, etc.
  • The monitoring module can save up to 1000 pieces of historical alarm records.
  • The system has complete fault protection and fault alarm functions.
  • Front access and front connection. High convenient for installation and maintaining.
  • Smart HelSys System provides multiple communication ports (such as RS232, Ethernet and dry contacts), which enables flexible networking and remote monitoring.

Series Table

Model Max Power DC Distribution Rectifier
Smart HELSYSN1540180R48 3kW Load MCBs 4*30A
Battery MCBs:1*50A+1*30A
Front operation
SP III 48/1000HE
Smart HELSYSN2540180R48 3kW Load fuses: 6*15A
Battery fuses:2*30A(parallel)
Front operation
SP III 48/1000HE
Smart HELSYSN1360180R48 2kW Load MCBs: 6*30A
Battery MCBs:1*50A+1*30A
Front operation
SP III 48/1000HE

Specifications Table

AC Input 85Vac-300Vac
Input Current ≤7A   (Per  1000w rectifier)
Frequency 45~65Hz
THDi <5%@full load
<10%@half load
Rated input and output voltage
Output Voltage -53.5V Rated output voltage
-53.5V float voltage
-56.4V boost voltage
Output Current ≥54A
Voltage Regulation ≤±1%
Current Sharing ≤±5%
Efficiency ≥95%
Ripple and Noise ≤200mV Peak-Peak
Function Operation information acquirements, battery and system management, system alarm, communicate with control center related ports
Controller SC501
Contacts 6 relay outputs
Digital Input 6
Interface LCD
Temp Sensor 2
Other Specifications
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +70℃ (-40℉ to +167℉)
-40℃ to +85℃ (-40℉ to +185℉)
Humidity Operating: ≤90% non- condensing
Storage: ≤95% non-condensing
Dimensions(mm) 482.6W (19’’) x 44.4H (1U)x 280D
Weight ≤5kg(Without rectifier)
New DIN Rail Mount Redundancy Module for 12V and 24V applications