PAF500 – PAF700 Series

DC/DC Converter Single Output: 450W – 700W

The full brick PAF series offers a great choice of power levels, output voltages and inputs. These rugged converters are used in a wide variety of applications including communications, industrial and defence equipment.


Model Input V Output V  Output A Power W
PAF500F24-12 24V 12V 42A 504W
PAF500F-24-28 24V 28V 18A 504W
PAF600F24-12 24V 12V 50A 600W
PAF600F24-28 24V 28V 21.5A 600W
PAF500F48-3.3 48V 3.3V 80A 264W
PAF500F48-5 48V 5.0V 80A 400W
PAF500F48-12 48V 12V 42A 500W
PAF500F48-28 48V 28V 18A 500W
PAF600F48-12 48V 12V 50A 600W
PAF600F48-28 48V 28V 21.5A 600W
PAF700F48-12 48V 12V 58.5A 700W
PAF700F48-28 48V 28V 25A 700W
PAF450F280-12 280V 12V 38A 456W
PAF450F280-24 280V 24V 19A 456W
PAF450F280-28 280V 28V 16.5A 462W
PAF450F280-48 280V 48V 9.5A 456W
PAF600F280-12 280V 12V 50A 600W
PAF600F280-24 280V 24V 25A 600W
PAF600F280-28 280V 28V 21.5A 600W
PAF600F280-48 280V 48V 12.5A 600W


Operating input voltage range 24VDC ( 19 ~ 36 )  48VDC  ( 36 ~ 76 )
280VDC  ( 200 ~ 400 )
Output Power 450~700 watts
Output Voltage 3.3 to 48vdc ( refer to table )
Regulation Line: ±0.2%
Operating Temp:  -40ºC to  +100ºC Baseplate temperature, with
over temperature protection.
Efficiency Model dependant 78 ~ 91%
Cooling Conduction cooling via Baseplate, refer to