In the industry standard half brick footprint, the conservatively rated PAH series of 29W to 451W DC-DC converters are available with output voltages of 2.5V to 48V. This large series of regulated power modules features wide input ranges with both 24V and 48V nominal inputs, remote sense, output adjustment and remote on/off.

Key Market Segments & Applications

  • Base Station Power Amplifiers
    Bus converters for Distributed Power Architectures


  • Reduces need for custom modules
  • Replaces 3/4 or Full Brick Power Modules
  • Reduced component count, increased MTBF
  • Suitable for remote & central office applications



Model Input V Output   V           Output   A           Power W
PAH300S24-12 24V 12V 25A 300W
PAH300S24-28 24V 28V 11A 300W
PAH350S24-28 24V 28V 12.5A 350W
PAH300S48-12 48V 12V 25A 300W
PAH300S48-28 48V 28V 11A 300W
PAH350S48-12 48V 12V 29.2A 350W
PAH350S48-28 48V 28V 12.5A 350W
PAH450S48-28 48V 28V 16A 450W
PAH450S48-48 48V 48V 9.4A 450W


Operating input voltage range 24VDC ( 19 ~ 36 )  48VDC  ( 36 ~ 76 )
Output Power 300~450 watts
Output Voltage 12 to 48vdc ( refer to table )
Regulation Line: ±0.2%
Operating Temp:  -40ºC to  +100ºC Baseplate temperature, with
over temperature protection.
Efficiency Model dependant  87 ~ 92%
Isolation: Input – Output: 1.5KVAC.
Input – Baseplate: 1.5KVAC.
Output – Baseplate: 500VDC
Cooling Conduction cooling via Baseplate, refer to