In the industry standard half brick footprint, the conservatively rated PAH series of 29W to 451W DC-DC converters are available with output voltages of 2.5V to 48V. This large series of regulated power modules features wide input ranges with both 24V and 48V nominal inputs, remote sense, output adjustment and remote on/off.

PAH-S48 SERIES power modules are high efficiency and high power density dc-dc converters. It is suitable for wide range of application such as EDP equipment, workstations and telecommunications equipments.

The mechanical designs of these modules make it easy for heat dissipation as well as easy mounting on any equipment. An additional advantage to these power modules is that the OVP can be reset by using the control pin, CNT instead of recycled the input power as in the conventional method; which is also possible.

The standard 50W ~ 150W modules are available in seven types of output voltage; 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 28V. For 200W module, there are only four types of output voltage; 12V, 15V, 24V and 28V. They come with remote sensing, output adjustable range, over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection and remote ON/OFF. With all these features, the power modules are flexible to be use in any power supply applications.



Model Output VOutput APower W
PAH50S48 – 2.52.5V11.7A29.25W
PAH50S48 – 3.33.3V11.7A38.61W
PAH50S48 – 55V10.0A50.0W
PAH50S48 – 1212V4.2A50.0W
PAH50S48 – 1515V3.4A51.0W
PAH50S48 – 2424V2.1A50.4W
PAH50S48 – 2828V1.8A50.4W
PAH75S48 – 2.52.5V17.5A43.75W
PAH75S48 – 3.33.3V17.5A57.75W
PAH75S48 – 55V15A75.0W
PAH75S48 – 1212V6.3A75.6W
PAH75S48 – 1515V5A75.0W
PAH75S48 – 2424V3.2A76.8W
PAH75S48 – 2828V2.7A75.6W
PAH100S48 – 2.52.5V23.4A58.5W
PAH100S48 – 3.33.3V23.4A77.22W
PAH100S48 – 55V20A100.0W
PAH100S48 – 1212V8.4A100.8W
PAH100S48 – 1515V6.7A100.5W
PAH100S48 – 2424V4.2A100.8W
PAH100S48 – 2828V3.6A100.8W
PAH150S48 – 2.52.5V35.0A87.5W
PAH150S48 – 3.33.3V35.0A115.5W
PAH150S48 – 55V30.0A150.0W
PAH150S48 – 1212V12.5A150.0W
PAH150S48 – 1515V10.0A150.0W
PAH150S48 – 2424V6.3A151.2W
PAH150S48 – 4828V5.4A151.2W
PAH200S48 – 1212V16.7A200.4W
PAH200S48 – 1515V13.4A201.0W
PAH200S48 – 2424V8.4A201.6W
PAH200S48 – 2828V7.2A201.6W


Operating input voltage range48VDC     (36~76V)
Output Power50~200 watts
Output VoltageModel dependent: 3.3V to 28VDC options
RegulationLine: ±0.4%
Load: ±0.8%
Operating Temp: -25°C to +50°C at full load.
70°C cold plate temperature
EfficiencyModel dependent 80%~90%
Isolation:Input – output/baseplate: 1500VAC
Output – chassis:  500VDC
CoolingAll modules must be “conduction” cooled
via the baseplate