The BAP Euro series DC/DC converters are a field proven product with over 20 years track record.
These Plug-in modules are designed for insertion/assembly into industry standard 19in racks, which can be manufactured to customer specifications and come fully wired ready for installation.
Available in two mechanical styles, 3U 200W and or 4U 300W and 500W modules. Each module has a built-in isolation diode for N+1 Redundancy applications for critical systems that require no break power.
Up to six 3U/200W modules can be assembled into one 3U x 19in rack and up to five 4U/300-500W modules into one 4U x 19in rack.
Complete power rack systems can be supplied, offering a total solution to any DC/DC converter application.
Designed for a wide range of industrial applications, with input voltage options from 24 – 140VDC and any output voltage from 12 – 125VDC


Model Output Voltage Options V Maximum Output A Power W
BAP236 12 ~ 125V 16A 200W
DCP65 12 ~ 125V 25A 300W
BAP419 12 ~ 125V 20A 500W


Operating input voltage range 24VDC   ( 21-30 )
48VDC   ( 42-60)
120VDC ( 95-140 )
Output Power See series table
Output Voltage See series table
Output Current See series table
Efficiency Model dependent, typically 85%
Operating Temp: 0°C to +50°C at full load.
Derate 2.5% per °C from 50° -70°C.
Cooling Built-in fans
SP-300 Single Phase Programmable AC Power Supply