The HVI 109 Series rugged, single output DC/DC converter uses fieldproven double-conversion topology to generate 150W output power.
It is a mature design with a proven track record in many applications. The unit is equipped with non-destructive reverse polarity protection on the input, surge protection and high-grade input/output filtering. The series is rated for operation over a -25 to +50§C temperature range without derating. It is cooled by natural convection. This model is ruggedized and conformal coated for immunity to shock, vibration, humidity, moisture, dust and insects. An optional redundancy diode allows parallel connection to achieve higher output power or N+1 redundancy. This chassis-mount design is optimized for low component count and high efficiency. The use of components with established reliability results in a high demonstrated MTBF.


Model Output ( A) Output ( V) Output ( A) Power (W)
HVI109-24FT 600VDC 24V 6A 150W


Operating input voltage range 600VDC   ( 400 ~ 800 )
• Other voltages on request
Input Protection Reverse polarity protection.Inrush current limiting Lower voltage than specified will not damage unit
Output Voltage See  table
Regulation Line: ±1%
Load: ±2%
Operating Temp:  -25°C to +50°C at full load.
70°C cold plate temperature
Efficiency Model dependent , typically 80%
Dynamic Response Max ±5% diviation for 10% – 50% load step wuth 1msec recovery
MTBF >130,000 hrs