The OPUS Inverter system is a redundant, fault tolerant system. Inverter system is an optimal solution when long autonomy time and long battery service life are required. Inverter system is compatible with several battery configurations. Inverter system fits in the standard 19″ racks and cabinets. DUAL inverters efficiencies are high, up to 90%.

The OPUS Inverter system has a modular construction. The inverter modules can be combined with static switch, manual bypass, AC distribution and 3-phase synchronization modules based on customer’s needs.Additional integration options include the advanced VIDI+ controller, temperature sensors and battery monitoring.


Model  Input Voltage (Range)
Output Voltage (AC)  Output Current Max (A) 
EIM62434FR 40 – 72 230 6.5


Input voltage 40-72 VDC
User programmable (PC/RS-232) start-up and shut down voltage limits and delays
Input current 35 A max (continuous)50 A max (5 s)
Inrush current < 20 A
Output voltage Nominal 230 VAC sine wave, user programmable 200-240 VAC, floating output
Output frequency Nominal 50 Hz, user programmable 40-70 Hz, floating output
Nominal output power 1500 VA / 1200 W
Output current Nominal 6.5 A, short circuit 13 A max
Efficiency 0.9
Static regulation, 0-100% load ±3%
Load power factor range Full power rating from 0 inductive to 0 capacitive
Total harmonic distortion, resistive load < 2%
Transient recovery < 0.3 ms
Psofometric noise, input < 2mV
Crest factor > 3
Isolation Input-Chassis 1500 VAC (2000 VDC)Input-Output 3000 VAC (4000 VDC)Output-Chassis 1500 VAC
(2000 VDC)
Overload 140% (1700 W) / 5 seconds
Max time can be limited shorter, 110% / 60 s is always available. Number of restart attampts and delays are user programmable
Protection Output current limiting. Overload and short circuit proof. Input and output fuses.
LED-Indications Input ON Output ON
Output loading, 4 levels: >5%, >30%, >50%, >80% Overload / Fault
Relay alarms
Relay alarms 2 relay contacts:
Fault in system summary alarm (module failure, DC input low etc)
Primary supply failure (system with bypass) or Output ON indication (system without bypass)
Remote monitoring through RS-232 (Remote monitoring software) Status information: For example input and output voltage, power, temperature, faults etc Parameter adjustment: For example input voltage limits, output volt- age, over load, faults etc.
Operating temperature 0…45 C full power, 45…60 C reduced power, derating -2%/C typically
Cooling Forced cooling front to rear, 2 fans inside the module.
Fans are redundant, one fan is enough for cooling in normal conditions
Humidity 5…95%, non condensing
Altitude Full power up to 2000m, derating -2% / 100m, max altitude 3000m

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