The ICT Sine Wave Series is a pure sine wave 1500 watt inverter that will convert 12, 24 or 48 volts DC to ultra-clean 230 volts, 50 hertz AC output at 93% peak efficiency. ICT has applied its engineering and design expertise to create an inverter that is very compact for its power level, extremely efficient, and has a unique range of options including TCP/IP Ethernet for remote monitoring and control, transfer relay to allow switching between the inverter and AC grid or generator power, 19 inch rack mounting kit that holds one or two inverters, and DC wiring box for standalone installations where electrical code compliance is required. Every model can be ordered without the front AC outlet if only the rear AC wiring terminal is desirable for safety reasons in a rack installation.

The ICT Sine Wave Series is ideal for both standalone applications using its optional DC wiring box with electrical knockouts, or for communications, network and industrial power applications using the optional 19 inch rack-mounting kit and standard hardwire AC connectors on the back of the inverter. The idle current draw is very low, making the Sine Wave Series a good fit for applications where battery life is important, such as off-grid power systems, tower and communications sites, and renewable energy systems.With optional TCP/IP Ethernet, a user can monitor the inverter, power-cycle the output to reboot connected loads such as blade servers, or shut the inverter down remotely to conserve power with either the integrated HTML web server or SNMP protocols.



Description  12 VDC Input 24 VDC Input  48 VDC Input
Inverter with factory-installed TCP/IP Ethernet communications port ICT1500A-12SWC ICT1500A-24SWC ICT1500A-48SWC
Inverter with factory-installed transfer relay and TCP/IP Ethernet ICT1500A-12SWTC ICT1500A-24SWTC ICT1500A-48SWTC
19” Rack Mount Kit, holds two Sine Wave Series inverters ICT-RMK4
DC Wiring Junction Box with 5 electrical knockout positions ICT-DCWB
Add front mounted AS/NZS AU1-10P convenience outlet Add modification no. M100185 behind the model number when ordering


Input voltage range 12VDC,  ( 10.5-16 )
24VDC ( 21-32 )
48VDC ( 42-64 )
Output Power 1500 watts
Peak Output Power 3000 watts 2 seconds
Frequency 50Hz +/-0.2Hz
Output Voltage 230VAC +/-10VAC rms
Efficiency 93%
Operating Temp.  -30ºc to 60ºC
Cooling Temperature Controlled Fans

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