SF700 – SF1000

DC/AC Sine Wave Inverters

The SF-700 & SF-1000 series offer excellent performance to price ration, for a wide range of Industrial applications.

Front panel digital display allows for selection of:OVP, UVP,OTP ,OLP,VAC,AMP,WATT,VDC,TEMP,Hz.

Suitable for powering all types of electronic loads and products, such as laptops, vacuum cleaners, fans, fluorescent, incandescent lights, shavers, coffee makers, toasters, video games, etc. And the 3-minute maximum output power allows for efficient and correct start-up of motors and fans.With a range of protection features such as ‘Auto shutdown’ that prevents total battery discharge, and the extremely low input current draw when output is not powering equipment, ensures maximum battery capacity at all times.Output voltage is user selectable: 220/230/240V RMS  3%, allowing for the best setting for customer equipment.


Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Power Cont Power Peak
SF-PSW1270E 12V 230 / 240VAC 700W 1400W
SF-PSW2470E 24V 230 / 240VAC 700W 1400W
SF-PSW4870E 48V 230 / 240VAC 700W 1400W
SF-PSW12100E 12V 230 / 240VAC 1000W 2000W
SF-PSW24100E 24V 230 / 240VAC 1000W 2000W
SF-PSW48100E 48V 230 / 240VAC 1000W 2000W


Input voltage range 12VDC,  ( 10-16 )
24VDC ( 20-32 )
48VDC ( 42-62 )
Output Power 700 watts   / 1000 watts
Peak Output Power 1400 watts  / 2000 watts 3  min
Frequency 50 / 60Hz  selectable
Output Voltage 230 / 240VAC ( selectable )
Efficiency  87 ~ 92% model dependent
Operating Temp.  -20ºc to 50ºC
Cooling Fan Cooled: Load controlled