The EOL and HBC series AC/DC power supply is an Industrial Grade product, specially designed for 3U and 4U x 19in Rack Power Systems, with a number of power supply modules connected in parallel.

The rack power systems are fully assembled and configured to customer specifications for voltage and power requirements. Each module is a Plug-in unit, able to be inserted or removed from the rack without interruption to the power.

The 3U x 19in Rack can take up to 6 x 200W modules and the 4U x 19in Rack can take up to 5 x 300W or 500W modules in parallel.Best suited to powering critical loads where continuous power is required, in addition, systems can be designed with battery back- up and various alarms.Furthermore, a number of racks can be connected in parallel for high power systems.


Model Output Voltage Options V Maximum Output A Power W
EOL53 12-125V 16A 200W
LOT65 12-125V 25A 300W
HBC419 12-125V 20A 500W
Any out voltage is possible within the range of 12 – 130V
Input and output voltage settings are customer specified and factory set.
Output current must not exceed the maximum indicated.
Part number will be allocated at the time of order.
A number of units can be connected in parallel for increased power and N+1 redundancy applications – option.


Input Voltage: 115/240VAC  (link selectable)
Input Protection Inrush current limiting , Varistor,Internal safety fuse
Efficiency: Model dependent , typically 80%
Operating Temp: 0°C to +50°C at full load, +70ºC  at 50% load
Cooling Convection cooled
Voltage Adjustment ±5% (front panel adjustment) Other options on request
Regulation Line: ±1% Load: ±2%
Output Voltage For special voltage outputs, consult our sales deparment
Rack Systems Power Systems with meters and distribution breakers.
Ruggedising: Modules can be supplied with a conformal coating of PCBs and a high level of ruggedisation for harsh environments.
New DIN Rail Mount Redundancy Module for 12V and 24V applications