PRO Series

AC/DC Power Supplies, 1U Rack Mount: 690W – 1200W

The ICT Pro Series line of DC power supplies is a high performance, high-efficiency 1RU DC power supply with no compromises. The core of the Pro Series is derived from the state-of-the-art ICT Digital Series power supply design that delivers high efficiency, power factor corrected AC input, space-saving 1RU chassis, CSA/UL 60950 and FCC Class B design standards, and an optional battery backup terminal with integrated low voltage disconnect.

ICT Pro Series DC power supplies provide 690 or 1200 watts of power with 12, 24 or 48VDC output. They provide an ideal DC power solution for wireless communications professionals who demand cost effective, high-efficiency space-saving DC power systems for LMR, broadband, and network communications equipment including radios, repeaters, trunking systems, paging systems, RF amplifiers, microwave, WiMax, routers, bridges, multiplexers, and VOIP. The Pro Series is also well suited for industrial power applications such as security systems, transportation, process control, and DC in-building power.


  • Available for 12, 24, or +/- 48 VDC applications
  • 690 or 1200 watts continuous power output
  • 90 To 93% efficiency
  • Universal power factor corrected input
  • Space-saving 1RU 19 inch chassis
  • Form C alarm contacts
  • Remote shutdown contacts
  • Optional battery backup with integrated LVD
  • Factory adjustable output voltage and low voltage disconnect for charging and protecting batteries

Performance & Flexibility

  • 690 or 1200 watts of output power for demanding applications
  • 90 to 93% efficiency at 230VAC input
  • Power factor corrected AC input voltage range of 100-265VAC
  • -30C to +60C operating temperature range
  • Form C alarm contacts
  • Remote shutdown signal contact
  • Available battery backup option with integrated LVD
  • Can operate as a DC power supply for running loads or for dedicated battery charging


Description  Power  12VDC Output  24VDC Output 48VDC Output
Pro Series Power Supply 690W ICT690-12S ICT690-24S ICT690-48S
Pro Series Power Supply 1200W ICT1190-12S ICT1190-24S ICT1190-48S
Power supply with factory-installed battery backup terminal, automatic revert and integrated low voltage disconnect. 690W ICT690-12SB ICT690-24SB ICT690-48SB
Power supply with factory-installed battery backup terminal, automatic revert and integrated low voltage disconnect. 1200W ICT1190-12SB ICT1190-24SB ICT1190-48SB


Power Specifications
Continuous Output Current – 12V 87A, 50A
Continuous Output Current – 24V 44A, 25A
Continuous Output Current – 48V 22A, 12.5A
Efficiency (typical) – 12V 90%  @ 220VAC
Efficiency (typical) – 24V 91%  @ 220VAC
Efficiency (typical) – 48V 93%  @ 220VAC
Output Voltage Range – 12V 13.8VDC
Output Voltage Range – 24V 27.6VDC
Output Voltage Range – 48V 55.2VDC
Input Voltage Range 100-265VAC
Frequency Range 50/60Hz
Power Factor (typical) 0.99
Output Ripple – 12V 30mV RMS
Output Ripple – 24V 30mV RMS
Form Factor 1RU – 19 inch Rack Mount
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 163 x 483 x 44 mm
Weight (lbs/kg)  3.36 kg
AC Input Connectors IEC C14 Connector
DC Output Connectors Busbars with 5/16” Nuts & Washers
Remote Alarm Connectors Terminal Block (#22 to #26 AWG)
AC Input Cord Australian AS/NZS AU1-10P Plug and straight IEC 60320 connector

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