SKUStock Power AC/DC Input Voltage AC/DC Output Voltage 1 AC/DC Connector Size PriceQuantity
GPA181A-050-300Out of Stock - Please contact our Office18W88 - 264VAC5V2.1mm X 5.5mm $22.00
GPA181A-050-300-01Out of Stock - Please contact our Office18W88 - 264VAC5V2.5mm X 5.5mm $22.00
GPA181A-120-150Out of Stock - Please contact our Office18W88 - 264VAC12V2.1mm X 5.5mm $22.00
GPA181A-120-150-01Out of Stock - Please contact our Office18W88 - 264VAC12V2.5mm X 5.5mm $22.00
GPA181A-150-120Out of Stock - Please contact our Office18W88 - 264VAC15V2.1mm X 5.5mm $22.00
GPA181A-240-075-01Out of Stock - Please contact our Office18W88 - 264VAC24V2.5mm X 5.5mm $22.00
GPA451A-120-380Out of Stock - Please contact our Office45W88 - 264VAC12V2.1mm X 5.5mm $36.00
GPA451A-120-380-01Out of Stock - Please contact our Office45W88 - 264VAC12V2.5mm X 5.5mm $36.00
GPA451A-150-300Out of Stock - Please contact our Office45W88 - 264VAC15V2.1mm X 5.5mm $36.00
GPA451A-240-190-01Out of Stock - Please contact our Office45W88 - 264VAC24V2.5mm X 5.5mm $36.00

GPA18 – GPA45

Adapter External DC Power Supply

AC/DC Desktop Power Supply Single Output: 18W – 45W

Then GPA18 and GPA45 series desktop dc power supplies, offer customers a low-cost solution for a wide range of applications. It is designed for applications requiring up to 45 watts of output power from 5 ~ 24VDC voltage options. Apart from the voltages illustrated on the series table, we can offer models to customer specifications, minimum production orders may apply to some models.

Main Features

  • Universal input 90 ~ 264VAC
  • Energy Star Level VI
  • Industry-standard 2pin IEC320 input plug
  • Wide range of output connector options
  • Fully isolated input – output
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Specials output voltage on request
  • MTBF 100k hrs

Output Plug Options

  • Blank 2.1 x 5.5mm Straight barrel plug Centre +VE
  • -01 2.5 x 5.5mm Straight barrel plug Centre +VE
  • -02 Exchangeable Straight barrel plug
  • -03 / -04 2.1 x 5.5mm / 2.5 x 5.5mm Right Angle barrel plug




Input Voltage:90 ~ 264VAC
Frecuency47 – 63Hz
Efficiency:typically 88%
Operating Temp:0°C to +50°C at full load, +70ºC  at 50% load
IsolationInput-Output: 3000VAC
Insulation2pin Class II
ImmunityEN610006-3, -4
Over temperature ProtectionWill latch off in event of high operating temperature.
Overload ProtectionOverload & short circuit protection with auto recovery
DimensionsGPA181A: 75 x 51 x 30mm 130g , GPA451A: 99 x 48 x 33mm

Ask for Assistance

Selecting the right power supply for your application is not a small task. Let our technical sales engineers guide you through the process of choosing the right solution for your needs.

Below some parameters usually required to size and select the right power supply:

  • Power & control requirements
  • Output & Input Voltage / Multioutput Voltage / Variable Voltage
  • Redundancy level
  • Mounting
  • Inrush Current
  • Environmental specifications (Temperature, altitude, vibration, shock)
  • Specific Industries Standards (Railway, Military, Medical)
  • Terminals

Contact Our Team

Contact our team of experienced engineers to discuss your unique power conversion and backup needs. We offer a wide range of highly reliable components that can be integrated and customized to create a solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

For power automation systems please contact us at

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