The BC & BCW series battery chargers are designed for powering DC loads for battery back-up applications and available in 12V and 24V systems.

They are available in two styles: BC for panel mounting with AC Power Cord and BCW designed for wall mounting and the option to hold batteries: 2 x 7AH or 2 x 12AH batteries.

The units provide two alarms via voltage free contacts, which can be used for remote monitoring. The internal modules used are a mature power supply module that have proven extra reliable over 20 years in the field.


Model Output  Nom Float V  Power Case
BC75-12 12 V 13.8 V 75W Panel Mount
BC100-12 12 V 13.8 V 100W Panel Mount
BC150-12 12 V 13.8 V 150W Panel Mount
BC75-24 24 V 27.6 V 75W Panel Mount
BC100-24 24 V 27.6 V 100W Panel Mount
BC150-24 24 V  27.6 V 150W Panel Mount
BCW75-12 12 V 13.8 V 75W Wall Mount
BCW100-12 12 V 13.8 V 100W Wall Mount
BCW150-12 12 V 13.8 V 150W Wall Mount
BCW75-24 24 V 27.6 V 75W Wall Mount
BCW100-24 24 V 27.6 V 100W Wall Mount
BCW150-24 24 V 27.6 V 150W Wall Mount


Input Voltage 90 ~264VAC
Input Frequency  47 ~ 63Hz
Input Current 75W: 1.0 / 0.5A
100W: 1.3 / 0.65A
150W: 1.9 / 0.95A
Harmonics EN61000-3-2
Temp. Coefficient 0.02% per ºC
Output Voltage Refer to table
Output Current Refer to table
Charger Module: Constant current with autorecovery, Battery is Fused
Efficiency Model dependent typically 84-90%
YES. Recycle input power to power on.
Parallel Operation N NO ( only for N+1 Redundancy )
Current Limit Primary side power limited
Operating Temp Primary side ( non-latching )
Operating Temp.  -10ºC to +70ºC.Derate above 50ºC @ 2.5% per ºC.
Cooling 30 – 90% RH Non Condensing
Humidity     10-95% non-condensing
Ripple & Noise 150mV pk-pk
Safety UL60950-1, EN60950-1, EN50178 approval
(Internal Modules only)
Insolation Input-Output: 3Kvac,
Input-Frame Ground: 2kVAC
Output-Frame Ground: 500VAC.
EMI Radiated : EN55011-A
Conducted : EN55022-A
Immunity IEC61000-4-2
Dimensions BC Series: 259 x 148 x 70mm (1 ~ 1.5kg )
BCW Series: 248 x 166 x 361mm ( 3 ~ 5kg )

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