SKUStock Power Battery Charger Output Voltage Battery Charger PriceQuantity
BCH800-EW-28FT-R808911800W24V $1,329.00
BCH1KF-55FT-R300011000W48V $1,519.00
BCH1KF-28F6WT-R300011000W24V $1,519.00
BCH800-55FT-R30001800W48V $1,308.00
BCH1K-110FT-R3000Out of Stock - Please contact our Office1000W108V $1,926.00


Industrial Battery Charger

The BCH800-1K series battery charger is a rugged, industrial-grade product, using field- proven design suitable for use in DC battery back-up applications.It is a mature product providing excellent reliability and performance and delivering up to 1000 watts of output power with convection/conduction cooling. – NO Fans

The two alarms provide external monitoring of Power Fail / Charger Fail and Battery Low via voltage free contacts.

The chassis-mount design feature allows for easy mounting.

Additional ruggedizing and conformal coating are available for applications requiring higher immunity to shock, vibration, humidity, moisture, dust and insects.


  • TBC Temperature Battery Compensation Charging.
  • TIM Automatic Battery Testing.
  • Boost A variety of boost options.
Weight3.5 kg


ModelOutput  NomFloat VCurrent  Power
BCH800-28FT24 V27.6 V29A800W
BCH800-55FT48 V55.2 V14A800W
BCH1K-110FT96 V108 V8.0A990W
BCH1K-110FT108 V124 V8.0A990W
110V model adjustable for use on 96V or 108V nominal battery systems.


Input Voltage230VAC ( 190 ~ 264 )
Input Frequency 47 ~ 63Hz
Input Current9.5A
Input ProtectionInrush current limiting
Transient protection / Varistors
Internal safety fuse
Output VoltageRefer to table
Constant current limiting with short circuit
protection.Battery must be externally fused.
EfficiencyTypically 80%
Constant current limiting with short circuit
Battery must be externally fused
Parallel OperationYes.
Switching Freq.Typically 55KHz
Operating Temp.0ºC to +50ºC at full load.
Derate 2.5% per ºC to +70ºC
CoolingConduction / convection cooled via base plate
Humidity5-95% non-condensing
Ripple & NoiseTypically <1% of output voltage
InsolationInput-Output: 3Kvac,
Input-Frame Ground: 2kVAC
Output-Frame Ground: 500VAC.
EMCEN55022 Class A
ImmunityEN 61000-4-2 (ESD)
EN 61000-4-3 (RF Immunity)
EN 61000-4-4 (Fast Transients)
EN 61000-4-6 (Conducted Imm.)
MTBF>150,000hrs @ 45ºC
Dimensions351 x 210 x 66mm

Ask for Assistance

Selecting the right power supply for your application is not a small task. Let our technical sales engineers guide you through the process of choosing the right solution for your needs.

Below some parameters usually required to size and select the right power supply:

  • Power & control requirements
  • Output & Input Voltage / Multioutput Voltage / Variable Voltage
  • Redundancy level
  • Mounting
  • Inrush Current
  • Environmental specifications (Temperature, altitude, vibration, shock)
  • Specific Industries Standards (Railway, Military, Medical)
  • Terminals

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Contact our team of experienced engineers to discuss your unique power conversion and backup needs. We offer a wide range of highly reliable components that can be integrated and customized to create a solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

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