The SCC series of “Constant Current” power supplies are designed specifically for use with LED’s in indoor applications and available with a range of models.
The electronic protection turns off the power supplies in case of short circuit or overload, as well as open circuit or over temperature.These units are designed to be hard wired in fixed installations, or with an optional power cord, that can be connected to the input terminals with a standard AC plug, for easy installation to any GPO sockets/ outlet.


Model Constant Current  Max Output Vdc Power 
SCC6-350IF 350mA 17.5V 0-6W
SCC6-700IF 700mA 9.0V 0-6W
SCC12-350IF 350mA 34.0V 0-12W
SCC12-700IF 700mA 17.0V 0-12W
SCC15-350IF 350mA 42.0V 10-15W
SCC15-500IF 500mA 30.0V 10-15W
 SCC15-700IF 700mA 21.0V 10-15W
SCC20-350IF 350mA 56.0V 11-20W
SCC20-500IF 500mA 40.0V 11-20W
SCC20-700IF 700mA 29V 11-20W
SCC30-700IF 700mA 42.0V 15-30W
SCC30-1100IF 1000mA 27.0V 15-30W
SCC30-1400IF 1400mA 21.0V 15-30W



Input Voltage           240VAC  ( 180 ~ 264 )
Frequency               50Hz
Output Power         6-30 watts
Harmonics               IEC61000-3-2
Power Factor           Model dependent:  0.5
Efficiency                Model dependant 80~85%
Operating Temp.      -20ºC to +45ºC,
Case temp.           Maximum case temperature +80ºC
Humidity                  85 % RH
IP Rating            IP20
Case                       Plastic
MTBF              Lifetime: typically 30,000hrs
Connections            Input & output terminals under cover
Parallel Operation NO
New DIN Rail Mount Redundancy Module for 12V and 24V applications