UX Series

Modular & Multioutput Configurable AC/DC Power Supplies

The UX6 power supply delivers up to 1200W and can be populated with up to 6 powerMods, in a slimline 1U package. The UX6 is designed for highest efficiencies and carries dual safety certification, EN60950 for Industrial Applications and EN60601-1 3rd Edition for Medical Applications. Samples are available in 24 hours from stocking distributors worldwide.

The UltiMod series allows users to instantly configure high efficiency, off-line power supplies. Although very small in size, (40.4mm high, 260mm long and either 89mm or 127mm wide) the UltiMod provides up to 1200W of output power. The UX4 delivers up to 600W and can be populated with up to 4 powerMods, the UX6 delivers up to 1200W and can be populated with up to 6 powerMods.

Manufactured in world class power supply facilities, the UltiMod is completely user configurable. If output requirements change, i.e. more power or a different output voltage is needed, upgrading is easy: simply unlock a single screw and replace the slide-in powerMod assembly with the preferred alternative. Allowing additional flexibility, powerMods can be connected in parallel to increase output power, or in series for higher voltages (subject to staying within isolation ratings and giving due consideration to any SELV requirements).
A user-friendly interface on connector J3 of each powerMod provides control and output sequencing capability, in addition to useful status indicators. Please consult our applications team if you have other special requirements. The plug-together architecture facilitates ‘instant’ custom power solutions with industry leading 17W/in3 power density and up to 92% conversion efficiency. The series is designed for highest efficiencies and consists of two Input AC front ends (powerPacs), UX4 and UX6 and 11 DC output powerMods (XgA to XgL).



Input Voltage: 85-264 VAC (see derating curve)
Undervoltage Lockout Until will shutdown appoxiimatimately 74VAC
Efficiency: Typically 91% at 230VAC input and full load
Operating Temp:  -20ºC to +70ºC
Safety Agency Approvals N60950, UL60950, CSA22.2 No.950  UL File No. E181875
Shock 3000 Bumps. 10G ( 16ms ) half sine
Earth Leakage Current 230VAC, 50Hz, 25°C
Acoustic Noise 56.5 dBA
DDA non-isolated Single and Dual Output DC DC Converter 24V 12V output