The HBC2K5 AC/DC Power Supply is designed for high voltage applications up to 250VDC.This rugged, industrial quality power supply uses field-proven topology. It is a mature design with an excellent track record in numerous applications. It is fan cooled by two built-in fans.An optional built-in redundancy diode allows parallel connection to achieve higher output power or N+1 redundancy, with output DC Fail alarm.This chassis-mount design is optimized for low component count and high efficiency. The use of components with established reliability results in high MTBF.



Input Voltage: 230vac  ( ±15% )
Frecuency 47 – 63Hz
Input Protection Inrush current limiting ,Input Fuse
Efficiency: Model dependent , typically 85%
Operating Temp: 0º C to +50ºC at 100% load Derate 2.5% per ºC to 65ºC
Cooling Built-in fans
Voltage Adjustment Customer specified
Regulation Line / Load : ±1% combined 10% to 100% load
Output Voltage  Special voltage output, up to 125VDC
Terminals Customer specified connectors
N+1 Redundancy Output redundancy diode  & Alarm
Ruggedizing Extended ruggedizing and conformal coating available.
Remote Control Remote ON / OFF
Dimensions 407 x 187 x 132 mm
Weight 7kg

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