L Series

Line Interactive AC UPS 800VA – 2200VA

Every minute is vital when you have a small business. At any point, you’ve decisions to make, issues to handel, opportunities to check out.
For you, the only moment that matters is the one you are now living. The last thing you need is a distruption when something happens to the power.
That’s why you turn to Ablerex uninterruptible power supply to ensure it stays “all-systems-go”. So your time and mind can be better focused on the important task of running and growing your business.

Specifications Table

Model Ablerex 800L Ablerex 1000L Ablerex 1500L Ablerex 1800L Ablerex 2200L
Voltage 160Vac ~ 290Vac
Frequency 45Hz ~ 65Hz (Auto-sensing)
Output (Inv. Mode) Voltage 220/230/240Vac +/- 10%
Frequency 50/60Hz +/- 1Hz
Waveform Simulated Sine Wave
Capacity 800VA 1000VA 1500VA 1800VA 2200VA
Transfer Time 2ms ~ 6ms Typical
Backup Time 5 ~ 30mins depending on typical IT load
Output (AC mode) AVR Regulation Increase output 15%
(input -9% ~ -25%)
Decrease output 15%
(input +9% ~ +25%)
Battery Voltage 12Vdc 12Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc
Type Sealed Maintenance-free
Lead Acid VRLA Type
Capacity 12V/7AH 12V/9AH 12V/7AH 12V/7AH 12V/9AH
Quantity 1pc 1pc 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs
Recharge Time 4 ~ 6 hours (to 90%)
Function DC Start Yes
Plug-in Charging Yes
Site Wiring Fault Indicator Yes
Advanced Discharge Battery Management Yes
Display LED (Standard) 3 LEDs for Line mode,
Battery mode and Fault
6 LEDs for Line mode,
Battery mode, Fault, Load %
and Battery Capacity
Alarm Battery mode Buzzer sounds every 1sec
Battery Low Buzzer sounds every 0.1sec
Protection Overload AC mode >100% Input fuse blown and
Buzzer continuously sounds
Overload Inverter mode >100% Buzzer continuously
sounds until battery cut-off
Short Circuit Shuts down immediately
Modem (Optional) RJ11
Network (Optional) RJ45
Physical Dimentions (WxHxD) 100 × 140 × 292mm 148 × 198 × 315mm
Net Weight 4.5kg 5kg 8kg 11kg 12kg
Output Connection*** 4 x IEC320 Outlets or
3 x Universal Outlets or
4 x Thailand Outlets or
1 x Schuko Outlet
6 × IEC320 Outlets or
4 × Universal Outlets or
6 × Thailand Outlets or
2 × Schuko Outlets
Environmental Operation Temperature 0 ~ 40ºC
Operation Humidity 95% RH Maximum,
Altitude 1000m without Derating
Noise Level ≤ 40dB
Computer Interface Interface Type (Standard) USB Communication
Interface Type (Optional) RS232 Communcation
Compatible Platforms Microsoft Windows Series, Linux, Mac, etc.
Standards and
Safety Standard EN62040-2
EMC/Surge Standard EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
Mark CE
*Specifications subjected to change to change without notice.
**Depending on the model and voltage, please contact helios power solutions for more information.
***The same technical specification may be sold in different countries under different model names, please consult helios power solutions for more information.

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