MPS Ultra

2U Redundant Hot Swap Modular DC Power System up to 12kW

The 2RU MPS Ultra DC power system delivers up to 12,000 watts of power in four factory pre-configured systems that make installation and setup a breeze.  With Ethernet-based remote monitoring and DC power control, advanced battery management features, integrated dual 100-amp battery breakers, and up to 12 fully managed load outputs which can be monitored and power-cycled remotely, the MPS Ultra provides unmatched capability for demanding  48-, 24-, and 12-volt DC applications.

Up to three Load Distribution Modules can be ordered for supporting up to 12 load devices. Rated at 25A max. each, every output is capable of monitoring and reporting load current conditions. Remote power control over Ethernet allows for the power-cycling or de-energizing of individual loads without having to visit the site.

Power Chassis

  • 2RU Power Chassis configured at factory for fast, easy installation
  • All connections are accessible from the rear, there are no covers to remove during setup
  • Accepts 48, 24 or 12 volt DC hot-swappable  700W or 1500W modules
    Power Modules (depending on model)

Integrated Intelligent Control Module

  • TCP/IP remote Ethernet communications for monitoring and control of all system parameters through a single I.P. address and fully integrated user interface
  • Embedded web server for plug and play set up
  • HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 protocols supported
  • Alarms can be sent to multiple email accounts
  • Four site monitoring sensor inputs with alarm reporting
  • Data logging of AC, DC, alarms and load current conditions
  • Password protection with multiple security levels
  • AC input voltage, DC output voltage, system current reporting (local
    and Ethernet)

Load Distribution Features

  • Load current monitoring and alarm reporting of each output for pinpointing of issues with connected loads
  • Outputs can be power cycled individually over Ethernet
  • Adjustable alarm and load-shed settings for each output
  • Max 30A circuit breakers

Battery Management Features

  • Temperature-compensated charging, display of battery voltage, status, battery current, state of charge, and run time remaining
  • Adjust LVD settings remotely
  • Configure advanced battery management features such as boost charge parameters, max charge current, battery capacity, battery test timer, and battery discharge testing

700W/1500W Power Modules (order separately)

  • 100-300 volts AC input with Power Factor Correction
  • 48, 24 or 12VDC volts nominal DC output
  • 90-93% efficiency
  • -30 to +60C operating temperature range

Specifications Table

Nominal system voltage120/240VAC
Input voltage range100-300VAC
Power factor (typical)0.99
Check Out Datasheet Above
AC input connectorTerminal Block, #8 – #16 AWG
DC output connectorBusbars with 5/16” bolts
Remote alarm connectorsTerminal Block (#16 -24 AWG)
Mounting2RU, 19 in rack mount
Weight (Exc.Power Modules)30lbs / 13.6 kg
Dimensions – H X W X L 3.5 x 19.0 x 15.7 in. / 89 x 483 x 398 mm
Operating temperature range -30º to +60ºC
Output derating2% / ºC (above 50º C)
Storage temperature -45º to +85ºC
Front DisplayHigh resolution OLED with function keys
Remote CommunicationsTCP/IP 10/100 Base-T
I.P. ProtocolsHTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3
Inputs4 digital, 1 analog temp sensor contacts

Ask for Assistance

Selecting the right power supply for your application is not a small task. Let our technical sales engineers guide you through the process of choosing the right solution for your needs.

Below some parameters usually required to size and select the right power supply:

  • Power & control requirements
  • Output & Input Voltage / Multioutput Voltage / Variable Voltage
  • Redundancy level
  • Mounting
  • Inrush Current
  • Environmental specifications (Temperature, altitude, vibration, shock)
  • Specific Industries Standards (Railway, Military, Medical)
  • Terminals

Contact Our Team

Contact our team of experienced engineers to discuss your unique power conversion and backup needs. We offer a wide range of highly reliable components that can be integrated and customized to create a solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

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