Multidirectional Inverter Charger Sierra 10 – 48/230

Sierra Multi-directional - Inverter - Converter Australia

Sierra 10 – 48/230 can be used as a UPS to secure AC & DC loads and charge the batteries. The 3 all bidirectional ports allow for multiple innovative applications such as grid reinjection, peak shavings, phase balancing or energy sharing through DC distribution, among many others.The three ports (two AC and one DC) built into each module can all function as input and output.This means that you can use it to secure AC & DC loads and charge batteries at the same time.

By using several modules, we can offer solutions for three-phase (3x400Vac + N) infrastructures. The module can be integrated into a shelf to provide up to 5kW in just 1U high or 4kW with integrated monitoring.

The Sierra module comes with a communication port, a power boost and Inview, the new intelligent controller .Beyond being IoT ready, this outstanding human machine interface integrates a Battery Management System that can manage various chemistries. Systems can be designed for single or three-phases infrastructures providing power from 1 to 30 kW in AC and/or DC.

Energy Management

Sierra is ideal for energy management applications such as:

  • C&I (commerce & industries)
  • Microgrids (on or off-grod)
  • Residential Customers

The 3 bidirectional ports allows

  • Grid injection
  • Connection of renewable energies
  • Peak shavings or phase balancing
  • Recover the energy of the loads
  • Many other innovative using a shared DC distribution

With the energy transition we all see, it’s time to introduce new features such as:

  • Peak shavings (reducing the bill)
  • Increase self-consumption (with storage solutions)
  • Demand response (shifting the consumption over the time)
  • Pure power supply (no voltage drop, sag or surge)

How it works?

Multidirectional Inverter Sierra 10-48-230 - Australia

At the heart of each module, there is a DC energy buffer. It uses the energy that comes, whatever its source, to feed what needs it. The total output power is shared live between the loads and the batteries. It’s that simple! No configuration is required, you are totally autonomous.

Specifications Table

Part Number T711730201
Cooling Fan forced cooling
MTBF 200 000 hrs (MIL-217IF)
Dielectric strength DC/AC 4300 Vdc
RoHS Compliant
Operating T° / Relative Humidity (RH) non-condensing Tested according ETS300-019-2-3 Class 3.1
-20°C to 40°C, power de-rating from 40°C to 65°C / Max RH 95% for 96 hours per year
Storage T° / Relative Humidity (RH) non-condensing Tested according  ETS300-019-2-1 Class 1.2
-40°C to 70°C / Max RH 95% for 96 hours per year
Public transport T°/Relative Humidity (RH) non-condensing Tested according ETS300-019-2-2 Class 3.1
-40°C to 70°C / Max RH 95% for 96 hours per year
Material (casing) Zinc coated steel
AC Input Data
Nominal voltage (AC) / Current 230 Vac / 4.6 A
Voltage range (AC) 150 – 265 Vac
Brownout 800 W @ 150 Vac / 1000 W @ 190 Vac linear decreasing
Power factor / THD > 99% / < 3%
Frequency range (selectable) / synchronization range 50 Hz (range 47 – 53 Hz) / 60 Hz (range 57 – 63 Hz)
DC Input Data
DC voltage: Nominal / range 48 Vdc / (40-60V)1
Nominal current (at 48 Vdc and 1000 W output) 22.4 A
Maximum input current (for 15 second) / voltage ripple 34 A / < 10 mV RMS
AC Output Data
Efficiency AC to AC (EPC) / DC to AC / AC to DC 96% / >93% / >93%
Nominal voltage AC2 (Adjustable) 230 V  (200 – 240 Vac)
Frequency / frequency accuracy 50 or 60 Hz / 0.03%
Nominal Output power (VA) / (W) 1250 VA / 1000 W (at 1000 W AC load, still 200 W available for 48V DC output)
Short time overload capacity 150% (15 seconds)
Admissible load power factor Full power rating from 0 inductive to 0 capacitive
Total harmonic distortion (resistive load) < 3%
Load impact recovery time (10% – 90%) <= 0.4 ms
Nominal current 5.4 A @ 230 Vac
Crest factor at nominal power 3 : 1 for load P.F. <=0.7
Short circuit clear up capacity 0-20 ms 21.7 A for 20 ms
Short circuit current after >20 ms 8.1 A for 1 minute
AC output voltage stability ±1% from 10% to 100% load
DC Output Data
Nominal voltage (range) 53.5 Vdc (44 – 60 Vdc)
Maximum power 1 kW3
Maximum current at 48 Vdc 20.8 A
Reverse polarity protection YES
Efficiency AC to DC > 93%
Max. Voltage interruption / total transient voltage duration (max) 0 sec / 0 sec


Monitoring Devices


  • Live monitoring
  • Compatible with Bravo 10 & Bravo 25 and Sierra 10 & Sierra 25
  • Extended range of measures through Measure Box (i.e. voltage, current, power and temperature)
  • Connect everywhere (on-site and web browser)
  • Capacitive or resistive touchscreen (7’’, 2.8’’, 1.8’’ and 0.66’’)
  • Rack or door integration (small footprint)
  • Supported protocols: Modbus TCP, SNMP v1, v2c and v3, HTTP/HTTPS

Monitoring Inview Datasheet

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