Times change and the UPS industry changes fast. Today the industry is demanding backup times of 2 to 5 minutes, which requires high energy density. Our UPS range was good, but we knew it could be better, that’s why we’ve relaunched our UPS range with enhanced electrochemistry.NorthStar high rate batteries use AGM thin plate pure lead technology, packed under high compression, which gives greater surface area to produce the required energy. This high energy density delivers more watts per cell, which can reduce your energy footprint by 10%.NorthStar high rate batteries now have a shelf life of up to 24 months without additional charging, which means less risk of having to scrap batteries. NorthStar high rate batteries also have higher temperature capabilities that allow data centres to increase operating temperatures and reduce electricity costs for cooling by more than 40%. Our batteries are designed for long life performance, which means fewer replacements and reduced operating costs of more than 20%.

Our solutions multiply battery lifetime and reduce energy consumption, delivering significant savings in operator OPEX
and CAPEX due to fewer battery replacements and maintenance visits. Other benefits include:
– Reduced environmental impact.
– High safety standards.
– Low maintenance design.
– Premium Construction materials.
– Integrated BMS platform standard.
– Integrated breakers and fuses.
– Integrated data comm available.


Model  Datasheet 4C (15 min) power to 1.67 VPC* Impedance (1kHz) Conductance
NSB12-310 NSB12-310 Datasheet 291 / 310 Watts 2.61 mΩ 1760 S
NSB12-425 NSB12-425 Datasheet 397 / 423 Watts 2.40 mΩ 1875 S
NSB12-540 NSB12-540 Datasheet 506 / 540 Watts 2.37 mΩ 1,952 S
NSB12-170RT NSB12-170RT Datasheet 154 / 164 Watts 4.1 mΩ 1005 S
NSB12-245RT NSB12-245RT Datasheet 233 / 248 Watts 2.82 mΩ 1588 S
NSB12-365RT NSB12-365RT Datasheet 342 / 365 Watts 2.63 mΩ 1808 S
NSB12-425RT NSB12-425RT Datasheet 385 / 410 Watts 2.60 mΩ 1921 S
NSB12-450RT NSB12-450RT Datasheet 454 / 484 Watts 2.40 mΩ 2091 S
NSB12-650RT NSB12-650RT Datasheet 608 / 649 Watts 2.3 mΩ 2300 S
NSB12-730RT NSB12-730RT Datasheet 682/728 Watts 2.25 mΩ 2386 S


Normal Voltage 12V
Operating temperature range  -40°C to +65°C
Terminal Torque 8.0 Nm (71 in-lbs)
Design Life 20°C (68°F)  15+ years
Float Voltage* 2.28 / 2.27 VPC

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