Rack Mount Inverter 2U-3kVA-Inverter+UPS

RM-UIPSW3KVA Series – Dual Input DC-AC

Pure Sine Wave Inverter+UPS

  • Pure sine wave output (THD < 3%) R Load
  • Bypass function
  • Inverter mode / UPS mode
  • Output frequency : 50 / 60Hz switch
  • RS – 232 interface / Remote controls port / Wire connection to PC
  • Wired Remote control
  • Loading and Temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Advanced microprocessor
  • Protection :
    • Input low voltage
    • Overload
    • Short circuit
    • Low battery alarm
    • Input overvoltage
    • Over-temperature


Power 3KVA
Surge 6KVA
P.F. 1
Dimensions (mm)
L x W x H
445 x 424 x 88
Outlets/Sockets 2~4


Model Power Input Voltage Output Voltage
RM-UIPSW 123KVA (2U) 3000W 12V 100 ~ 120VAC (Tune VR)
RM-UIPSW 243KVA (2U) 3000W 24V 100 ~ 120VAC (Tune VR)
RM-UIPSW 483KVA (2U) 3000W 48V 100 ~ 120VAC (Tune VR)
RM-UIPSW 1103KVA (2U) 3000W 110V 100 ~ 120VAC (Tune VR)
RM-UIPSW 2203KVA (2U) 3000W 220V 100 ~ 120VAC (Tune VR)
RM-UIPSW 123KVAE (2U) 3000W 12V 200~240VAC (Tune VR)
RM-UIPSW 243KVAE (2U) 3000W 24V 200~240VAC (Tune VR)
RM-UIPSW 483KVAE (2U) 3000W 48V 200~240VAC (Tune VR)
RM-UIPSW 1103KVAE (2U) 3000W 110V 200~240VAC (Tune VR)
RM-UIPSW 2203KVAE (2U) 3000W 220V 200~240VAC (Tune VR)
DDA non-isolated Single and Dual Output DC DC Converter 24V 12V output