The Sol Series rectifiers bring advanced technology to the DC power industry. Innovative engineering combines the best in efficiency and reliability meeting the power requirements for a variety of system applications.Local and remote setup, adjustment, and control is a simple single-step process with the Cordex CXCI System Controller. By utilizing TCP/IP technology, complete configuration and monitoring of power equipment is possible through a network web browser.


Model Datasheet Power Out Max (W) Input Voltage (VAC) V1 Out Nom (V) Output Current Max (A)
Cordex 24-3.1kW THE SOL SERIES 3.1kW RECTIFIERS DATASHEET 3100 208-277 24 130
Cordex 48-1.2kW THE SOL SERIES 1.2kW RECTIFIERS DATASHEET 1200 176-276 48 25
Cordex 48-2.4kW THE SOL SERIES 2.4kW RECTIFIERS DATASHEET 2400 187-277 48 50
Cordex 48-4kW THE SOL SERIES 4kW RECTIFIERS DATASHEET 4000 208-277 48 83,3

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