The product of 6-SPB series is a newly developed Spiral Battery by Shoto Group. With the unique winding structure, high assembly pressure and valve opening pressure, the battery dehydration is greatly reduced. Compared to an ordinary battery, the battery has a superior high-temperature discharge performance and large current discharge performance, greater security and better fast charging capability and so on.


Model  Datasheet  Capacity Internal Resistance (fully charged) Maximum Charging Current Limited
6-SPB-25 6-SPB-25 Datasheet 25Ah@10hr to 1.75V(cell)@25℃ Approx.4mΩ,25℃ 4.5C
6-SPB-40 6-SPB-40 Datasheet 40Ah@10hr to 1.75V(cell)@25℃ Approx.3mΩ,25℃ 4.5C
6-SPB-50A 6-SPB-50A Datasheet 50Ah@10hr to 1.75V(cell)@25℃ Approx.2.9mΩ,25℃ 4.5C
6-SPB-75 6-SPB-75 Datasheet 75Ah@10hr to 1.75V(cell)@25℃ Approx.2.4mΩ,25℃ 4.5C
6-SPB-100 6-SPB-100 Datasheet 100Ah@10hr to 1.75V(cell)@25℃ Approx.2.3mΩ,25℃ 4.5C


Normal Voltage 12V
Recommended Operating Temperature 15℃~35℃
Terminal M6
Design Life @25ºC 12 Years
Self Discharge  @ 25℃ (77℉) Less than 8 % after 90 days storage
Charging Voltage ‘@25℃(77℉) Float: 2.25 V/cell,
Temps coefficient: -3mV/cell·℃