SR-1600 Plus

Modular DC-AC/AC 24V and 48V Sinewave Inverter for Telecom Applications

SR-1600 Plus is a high power-density rack inverter (1.6KW per module, 6.4KW 2U by 4 modules, 52.1KW by 32 modules). The compact design is applicable for most of power systems.For the control field, it supports multi-control units including LCM Remote (CR-21 Plus), SNMP Ethernet Card (SN-V1) and Modbus Protocol (RS485 Port). With SR-1600 Plus, we hope the engineers can be free out of the complex installation.


  • Simple setting and scalable system capacity supports up to 32 pcs (51.2KW)
  • Seamless switch between AC and DC source
  • Build-in input and output full isolation
  • Wide AC input range Adjustable 150~265V (230V system), 75~132V (120V system)
  • High efficiency (~95%)
  • Power factor ≧ 0.99
  • Advanced Protection Features: Input reverse, under-voltage, over voltage protection and Output protection:short circuit, over load, over temperature, over voltage protection
  • Seamless Transfer between DC and AC in each inverter module

Series Table

Model Power AC Output AC Input DC Input
SR1600 Plus-124 1200W/1600VA 120VAC 120VAC 24VDC
SR1600 Plus-148 1600W/1600VA 120VAC 120VAC 48VDC
SR1600 Plus-224 1200W/1600VA 230VAC 230VAC 24VDC
SR1600 Plus-248 1600W/1600VA 230VAC 230VAC 48VDC

Specifications Table

Control & Signal
Indicator LED
Advanced Control RS-485 control module (Modbus), CR-21 LCM (optional), SN-1 (optional)
Failure Indicator Buzzer Alarm
Historical Record Event log
DC Input Protection Over voltage/Under Voltage/Reverse Polarity
AC Input Protection Over voltage/Under Voltage/Over Current
Output Protection Short Circuit/Overload/Over Temperature
Transfer Perfomance
Inverter to Utiility O Sec
Utility AC to Inverter O sec
Operating Temperature Full Load -25°C ~ 40°C Power De-rating from 40°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C -70°C
Working Humidity 95% RH non-condensing
Vibration BS EN 61373
Safety & EMC
Safety Standards Meet UL 60950-1 & EN 60950-1
EMC Standards FCC class B , EN55022 class B, EN 61204-3
Dimension (WxHxD) Module 105x83x410mm / 4.13×3.27×16.14 inch
Dimension (WxHxD) Shelf 446x85x509 mm / 17.56×3.35×20.04 inch
DDA non-isolated Single and Dual Output DC DC Converter 24V 12V output