Taurus Series

Three-Phase On-Line UPS | Lift Application

The TS Parallel Redundancy Online UPS True Double Conversion Design for total load isolation, Dual Input for optimal load protection and 3-level intelligent charging mode, is the perfect solution for data centre, and mission-critical equipment and computer loads.

High Availability

With a transformerless design and energy saving storage (ESS) technology, The Taurus UPS is available in various configurations with integrated enclosures and external battery cabinets, ranging from 10kVA to 80kVA to suit your requirements.

Flexible Battery Configuration

When operating in a parallel configuration, the Taurus series can be configured with a common battery bank or individual battery bank to achieve the required backup time autonomy, providing higher load availability and reliability with cost-effectiveness. The number of battery block per string can be easily adjusted to achieve optimal sizing of battery capacity and minimal investment.

High-Efficiency From Low Load To Full Load

The Taurus Series delivers high-efficiency at partial and full load (up to 96% in double conversion online mode), dramatically reducing the operating cost of the system, extending components service life and increasing overall power performance.

Low Input Current Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi)

The Taurus Series manage the input current total harmonic distortion (THDi) at a low level (3% at 100% load), eliminating harmonic distortion at the input of the system, providing greater operational reliability and extending the service life of UPS.

Main Features

  • Power range from 10kVA to 60kVA
  • Up to 360kVA, 6 units in parallel
  • High efficiency and minimin cost of ownership
  • Low input harmonic distortion: THD<3%
  • Power factor 0.99
  • Up to 96% efficiency in double conversion mode
  • Fully rated output power
  • Full front access maximizes system serviceability
  • Transformerless design
  • Fully DSP(Digital Signal Processing) Controlled

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Specifications Table

Capacity 10KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA
Input Voltage 400V 3 Phase + N
Voltage Tolerance ±20%
Frequency 40 – 70Hz
Power Factor ≥0.99
THDi <3%
Output Voltage 380/400/415V 3 Phase + N
Voltage Tolerance ±1% (Static Load)
Power Factor 1
Frequency 50/60Hz
Frequency Tolerance ±0.05% (free running)
Crest Factor  3:1
Voltage Harmonic Distortion <1% with linear load;
<3% with distorting load
Overload 110% for 60 minutes, 125% for 10minutes, 150% for 1 minutes
Battery Number of Batteries 32~40pcs configurable
Max. Charging Current 3.5A 7A 10A 13A 20A 26A
Common Battery for Parallel Configuration Yes
Efficiency VFI Mode >94% >95% >96%
ECO Mode >98%
Bypass Voltage 380/400/415V.3Phase + N
Voltage Tolerance ±5%-±15% (Programmable)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Frequency Tolerance ±1Hz / ±3Hz (Selectable)
Parallel Up to 6 units
Dimentions (WxHxD)mm 440 x 840 x 1390 600 x 827 x 1253 (w/o Wheel)
600 x 827 x 1300 (w/o Wheel)
Weight(Kgs) 84 86 130 132 194 (w/o Wheel)
200 (w/o Wheel)
204 (w/o Wheel)
210 (w/o Wheel)
Protection Grade IP20
Display and MMI 4.3″ Colorful LCD Touch Screen
Built-in Communication Port USB, EPO, Dry Contact
Optional Communication 2 Communication Slots for SNMP Card, RS-485 Modbus Card, Dry Contact Card
Environmental Operation Temperature 0~400C / 32~1040F
Operation Humidity 0~95% (w/o Condensation)
Tasted to standards LVD: EN62040-1, EMC requirements: EN62040-2
Mark CE
Noise (at 1 meter) <52dBA <55dBA <60dBA
*Specifications subjected to change to change without notice.
**Depending on the model and voltage, please contact helios power solutions for more information.
***The same technical specification may be sold in different countries under different model names, please consult helios power solutions for more information.


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