Axon Comtrade

Automatic Collection Of Configurations And COMTRADE Files, Fault Logs And Events From IEDs

Axon Comtrade is an advanced remote protection reading system that automates the collection of configuration files, fault logs, and events from various devices such as Protection Relays, fault recorders, or other types of information concentrators. With support for document formats like COMTRADE (IEEE Std C37.111 1999, 2013) or COMFEDE (IEEE C37.239-2010 – IEEE Standard for Common Format for Event Data Exchange for Power Systems), our system ensures accurate and reliable data collection.

Axon Comtrade supports a hierarchical communication structure that facilitates the aggregation of information at different levels. Once the information is collected, Axon Comtrade stores and processes the collected files through rules that allow the structuring and arranging of them via FTP for use by other services. It also includes notification modules via email and IEC 60870-5-104 server in the case of new events, ensuring that operators and engineers are promptly informed of any critical events.

Our system also includes powerful visualization tools that allow for easy exploration and analysis of event log data using different chart types such as analog, digital, phasor, harmonic, polar, and frequency. Moreover, Axon Comtrade has a Scripts module that allows the extension of its functional scope, enabling users to customize the system to meet their unique needs.

Overall, Axon Comtrade is a versatile solution for power system operators and engineers, offering advanced features for data collection, processing, and visualization. Its hierarchical communication structure, notification modules, and powerful visualization tools provide a comprehensive platform for managing critical power system data.

A remote reading system that allows the automatic collection of configuration files, fault logs and events from IEDs

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Standard Modules of Axon Comtrade

Captures, processes, and manages fault events such as COMTRADE, protection settings, event log, by establishing a remote reading with the devices through IEC61850 File Transfer, FTP, TFTP for TCP connections, and Modbus, IEC 60870-5-103, and SEL Fast Message for serial connections. Ensuring interoperability for different equipment manufacturers.

Data Hub Concentrator Substations

Allows the user to manage the captured files through a set of rules customizable by the user. The information can be organized in an output directory through a hierarchical structure. Additionally, there is a file renaming function defined by the standard C37.232-2011 – IEEE Standard for Common Format for Naming Time Sequence Data Files (COMNAME).

Rules - Axon Comtrade

Streamlines the process of identifying and analyzing critical events. The module provides variables such as: fault currents, sequence components, type of fault, fault location, fault duration, among other relevant variables.

This information is presented through an events panel organized chronologically, which incorporates a filter to facilitate the search for events. Additionally, the module provides reports type sequence of events (SOE) in xlsx format to evaluate the sequence of operation of the protection system.

Axon Comtrade - Automatic Failure Analysis

Generation of analog, digital, phasor, harmonic, frequency, and impedance graphs from COMTRADE files. This allows a more detailed analysis of the events of interest. The graphs can be generated automatically or customized, including the type and the variables to be analyzed. In addition, it is possible to make comparisons between graphs from different devices on the same page. Finally, the user can export the graphics in PNG and PDF format.

Oscillography viewer - Axon Comtrade IED Reading Software

The tool has permissions for system security that are directly related to users. After the different profiles have been created, the default configuration can be managed to determine what a user can or cannot do within their category.

Permissions Axon Comtrade - Substations Data Collection System Automatic reading comtrade files

This feature optimizes the collection of information, distribution the reading of the protection devices through different servers, where each server has an instance of Axon Comtrade Server. This allows efficient management of a greater number of devices managing to scale the service to regional and national netoworks

Email notifications quickly inform the user about news of downloaded files in the output folder. This is done using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Additionally, through filters, the user can select which types of files should generate a notification to the user.

Notification - Axon Comtrade


  1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP, FTPS)
  2. Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
  4. DNP3 Serial / TCP / UDP
  6. SEL Fast Message

Installation Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows Serve 2012 or higher
  • Hard Drive: 10 GB free
  • Processor: 2.5GHz
  • RAM: 4Gb
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET 4.6.2


  • How is the information from the IED organized? There are 2 options
    • Manual Discovered Process: A copy of the information is made with the same structure delivered by the IED. With the same structure delivered by the IED.
    • Automatic Collection Process: User defines what information needs to be pulled out of the IED and how it will be organized through rules.
  • Do you get notifications when a new file is download?
    • E-mail notifications and information reporting are available through the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol with digital signals which indicate if you have new data.
  • Is this tool compatible with different brands?
    • Yes we use FTP, TFTP, IEC 61850-FT communication protocols, which are compatible with multiple brands.


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