Local Display for CBI Series DC UPS

DPY353 is a pocket controller that monitors the state of the Safety of CBI DC-UPS. It is connected to in a clear and intuitive way so that you can have an accurate picture of the system situation. DPY353 monitors all kinds of battery types: AGM (Open Lead Acid and Sealed Lead Acid), Gel, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion.

DPY353 DIN Rail DC UPS Digital Display

It is equipped with LED wide viewing-angle screen which guarantees an optimum visibility in any operating condition. The user interface is clear, intuitive and allows configuring and managing ADELBus network through its interface by remotely monitoring connected devices. It is possible to connect easily and directly to CBI’s devices. The device can monitoring: the state of charge, the battery capacity and the alarms. True Push button switch, it is possible turn On the CBI without Input main but only battery.

Through the ADELBus network (Adel System network) it manages all the connected devices:

Remote Monitoring

  • Charging states of the CBI device: Provides information related to the charging state: Float, absorption, bulk and recovery
  • Main or Back up CBI condition:  It signals if there is a mains failure and consequently the load is supplied by the battery
  • Fail Alarm: Indicates a battery malfunction. If the device  is in Back Up and the battery is around under 30% of charge , a specific loud buzz is activated
  • Diagnostic function (LED blinking pattern): Inverted polarity, disconnected battery, short circuit, overload and battery fail.
  • State of charge battery (SOC):
  • Charging current

Easy Installation

DPY353 Adelsystem DC UPS monitoring display installation

The DPT353 may also be inserted through circular hole in a door panel and secured by double sided tape. No screws are required. A standard RJ45 cable is used to connect the AUX1 port of the DC UPS to the DPY353.

Products Compatible with DPY351

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions7 × 65 × 40 mm

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