EXC 300AH – 1000AH

Batteries For Renewable Energy Sources

EXC series, under the name of extreme cyclic battery, is the latest generation of lead-carbon battery in Shoto battery family. This product is specially designed for renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power storage system, based on international advanced lead-carbon technology. Its performance parameters have reached international leading level and it enjoys good reputation in the world.

With distinctive design and advanced manufacturing technology, EXC series deliver ultra-high cycling performance and premium quality. Multiple innovative technology makes EXC battery the perfect solution for the challenging operating conditions of energy storage and other extreme off-grid applications.


Battery-Rack-EXC-Series Extreme Cyclic Baterries - Renewable Applications - New Zealand - Australia


Type Datasheet 10hr Capacity(Ah,25℃) Internal
Short- circuit  current
EXC-300 EXC-300 Datasheet 300Ah 0.28 6400
EXC-400 EXC-400 Datasheet 400Ah 0.26 6800
EXC-500 EXC-500 Datasheet 500Ah 0.25 8030
EXC-600 EXC-600 Datasheet 600Ah 0.24 8300
EXC-800 EXC-800 Datasheet 800Ah 0.23 8800
EXC-1000 EXC-1000 Datasheet 1000Ah 0.22 9600


Normal Voltage 2V
Operating temperature range 15°C to +30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Terminal M8

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