Primary applications:

  • Standby power supply for various communication and signal systems such as telecommunication, mobile, network, railway and airport and so on.
  • Standby power supply for power system and nuclear power station.
  • Solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric generation power storage and wind & solar hybrid project.
  • Standby power supply for ship and maritime affairs.
  • Standby power supply for petrochemical system.
  • Marine signal and navigation mark.
  • Information industry.
  • Standby power supply for UPS, medical facilities and emergency lighting and so on.
  • Situation with high environmental protection and energy-saving.
  • Structure features of Shoto GFMJ VRLA gel battery.


Model Datasheet Capacity Internal Resistance (full charged) Short- circuit current Recommended Charging Current
GFMJ-200 GFMJ-200 Datasheet 200Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.68mΩ,25℃ 2956A 30A
GFMJ-250 GFMJ-250 Datasheet 250Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.62mΩ,25℃ 3215A 37.5A
GFMJ-350 GFMJ-350 Datasheet 350Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.46mΩ,25℃ 4305A 52.5A
GFMJ-420 GFMJ-420 Datasheet 420Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.42mΩ,25℃ 4750A 63A
GFMJ-600 GFMJ-600 Datasheet 600Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.35mΩ,25℃ 5706A 90A
GFMJ-800 GFMJ-800 Datasheet 800Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.32mΩ,25℃ 6297A 120A
GFMJ-1000 GFMJ-1000 Datasheet 1000Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.27mΩ,25℃ 7439A 150A
GFMJ-1200 GFMJ-1200 Datasheet 1200Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.24mΩ,25℃ 8314A 180A
GFMJ-1500 GFMJ-1500 Datasheet 1500Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.23mΩ,25℃ 8837A 225A
GFMJ-2000 GFMJ-2000 Datasheet 2000Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.22mΩ,25℃ 8903A 300A
GFMJ-2500 GFMJ-2500 Datasheet 2500Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.22mΩ,25℃ 9131A 375A
GFMJ-3000 GFMJ-3000 Datasheet 3000Ah@10hr to 1.80V @25℃ Approx.0.21mΩ,25℃ 9360A 450A


Normal Voltage 2V
Recommended Operating Temperature 20℃~25℃(68˚F ~ 77˚F)
Terminal M10
Design Life @25ºC 20 Years
Charging Voltage  @25˚C(77˚F) Float: 2.23 V/cell
Equalize: 2.35 V/cell
Self Discharge @25˚C(77˚F) ≤20%(after 180 days storage)
New DIN Rail Mount Redundancy Module for 12V and 24V applications