Hi-Rel Isolated Converters

High-Reliability , Field Proven DC-DC Converters for Military/Avionics Applications

The MilQor® series of high-reliability DC-DC converters brings SynQor’s field proven high-efficiency synchronous rectifier technology to the Military/Aerospace industry. SynQor’s innovative QorSeal® packaging approach ensures survivability in the most hostile environments. Compatible with the industry standard format, these converters operate at a fixed frequency, have no opto-isolators, and follow conservative component derating guidelines.

Hi-Rel Product Features

  • Fixed switching frequency
  • No opto-isolators
  • Parallel operation with current share on MQFL
  • Remote sense
  • Clock synchronization
  • Primary referenced enable
  • Secondary referenced enable on MQFL
  • Continuous short circuit and overload protection with auto-restart feature
  • Input under-voltage and over-voltage shutdown
  • Output voltage trim range
  • (MQHL, MQHR & MQBL) +10% to -10%
  • -55°C to +125°C Operating Temperature

Design Process

Hi-Rel Series Converters are:

Designed for reliability per:

  • NAVSO P-3641A guide

Designed with components derated per:

  • MIL-HDBK-1547A
  • NAVSO P-3641A


  • QorSeal® packaging
  • Industry standard footprint for MQFL & MQME
  • Multiple mounting configurations and lead form options
  • Gold plated nickel barrier finish on an extruded aluminium case
MIL-STD Isolated DC-DC Converters - Military Aerospace Applications

Our unique QorSeal® packaging approach provides a conduction-cooled mechanical assembly around an SMT constructed power circuit that is low-profile, light-weight, and shielded. This process provides three levels of
Tin Whisker mitigation.

Qualification Process

Hi-Rel Series Converters are qualified to:

  • MIL-STD-810 consistent with RTCA/DO-160
  • Synqor’s first Article Qualification , consistent with MIL-STD-833
  • SynQor’s Long-Term Storage Survivability Qual
  • SynQor’s on-going life test
  • SynQor’s element evaluation for HB & ES Grade

Specification Compliance

Hi-Rel series converters (with Hi-Rel filter) are designed to meet:

  • MIL-HDBK-704
  • RTCA/DO-160 Section 16, 17, 18
  • MIL-STD-1275 (B, D)
  • DEF-STAN 61-5 (Part 6)/(5, 6)
  • MIL-STD-461 (C, D, E, F)
  • RTCA/DO-160 (E, F, G) Section 22

Model Coding & Options

FamilySystem Input Voltage (with transients)Output Voltage(s)Package Size/ Pin ConfigurationScreening Grade
Single OutputDual Output
28:  16-40V (16-50V)
28E:  16-70V (16-80V)
28V:  16-40V (5.5-50V)
28VE:  16-70V (5.5-80V)
270:  155-400V (155-475V)
270L:  65-350V (65-475V)
1R5S: 1.5V
1R8S: 1.8V
2R5S: 2.5V
3R3S: 3.3V
05S: 5.0V
06S: 6.0V
6R5S: 6.5V
7R5S: 7.5V
08S: 8.0V
09S: 9.0V
12S: 12V
15S: 15V
28S: 28V
05D:     ±5.0V
6R5D:     ±6.5V
12D:     ±12V
15D:     ±15V
(FL, HL, HR)

Hi-Rel MQ-28 Single Output Series

Model NumberContinuous Input VoltageTransient Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerPackage SizeDocuments
MQHL-28-1R5S16-40 V16-50 V1.5V20A30WHLMQHL-28-1R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28-1R5S16-40 V16-50 V1.5V40A60WFLMQFL-28-1R5S Datasheet
MQHL-28-1R8S16-40 V16-50 V1.8V8A36WHLMQHL-28-1R8S Datasheet
MQFL-28-1R8S16-40 V16-50 V1.8V20A72WFLMQFL-28-1R8S Datasheet
MQBL-28-2R5S16-40 V16-50 V2.5V8A20WBLMQBL-28-2R5S Datasheet
MQHL-28-2R5S16-40 V16-50 V2.5V20A50WHLMQHL-28-2R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28-2R5S16-40 V16-50 V2.5V40A100WFLMQFL-28-2R5S  Datasheet
MQBL-28-3R3S16-40 V16-50 V3.3V6A19.8WBLMQBL-28-3R3S Datasheet
MQHR-28-3R3S16-40 V16-50 V3.3V7.5A25WHRMQHR-28-3R3S Datasheet
MQHL-28-3R3S16-40 V16-50 V3.3V15A50WHLMQHL-28-3R3S Datasheet
MQFL-28-3R3S16-40 V16-50 V3.3V30A99WFLMQFL-28-3R3S Datasheet
MQSA-28-05S16-40 V16-50 V5V1A5WSAMQSA-28-05S Datasheet
MQBL-28-05S16-40 V16-50 V5V4A20WBLMQBL-28-05S Datasheet
MQHR-28-05S16-40 V16-50 V5V5A25WHRMQHR-28-05S Datasheet
MQHL-28-05S16-40 V16-50 V5V10A50WHLMQHL-28-05S Datasheet
MQFL-28-05S16-40 V16-50 V5V24A120WFLMQFL-28-05S Datasheet
MQBL-28-06S16-40 V16-50 V6V3.3A20WBLMQBL-28-06S Datasheet
MQHL-28-06S16-40 V16-50 V6V8A48WHLMQHL-28-06S Datasheet
MQFL-28-06S16-40 V16-50 V6V20A120WFLMQFL-28-06S Datasheet
MQFL-28-6R5S16-40 V16-50 V6.5V18A117WFLMQFL-28-6R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28-7R2S16-40 V16-50 V7.2V16A115WFLMQFL-28-7R2S Datasheet
MQBL-28-7R5S16-40 V16-50 V7.5V2.6A19.5WBLMQBL-28-7R5S Datasheet
MQHL-28-7R5S16-40 V16-50 V7.5V6.6A49.5WHLMQHL-28-7R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28-7R5S16-40 V16-50 V7.5V16A120WFLMQFL-28-7R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28-7R7S16-40 V16-50 V7.7V16A120WFLMQFL-28-7R7S Datasheet
MQFL-28-08S16-40 V16-50 V8V15A120WFLMQFL-28-08S Datasheet
MQBL-28-09S16-40 V16-50 V9V2.2A20WBLMQBL-28-09S Datasheet
MQHR-28-09S16-40 V16-50 V9V2.75A25WHRMQHR-28-09S Datasheet
MQHL-28-09S16-40 V16-50 V9V5.5A49.5WHLMQHL-28-09S Datasheet
MQFL-28-09S16-40 V16-50 V9V13A117WFLMQFL-28-09S Datasheet
MQSA-28-12S16-40 V16-50 V12V0.42A5WSAMQSA-28-12S Datasheet
MQBL-28-12S16-40 V16-50 V12V1.6A19.2WBLMQBL-28-12S Datasheet
MQHR-28-12S16-40 V16-50 V12V2A24WHRMQHR-28-12S Datasheet
MQHL-28-12S16-40 V16-50 V12V4A48WHLMQHL-28-12S Datasheet
MQFL-28-12S16-40 V16-50 V12V10A120WFLMQFL-28-12S Datasheet
MQBL-28-15S16-40 V16-50 V15V1.3A19.5WBLMQBL-28-15S Datasheet
MQHR-28-15S16-40 V16-50 V15V1.65A25WHRMQHR-28-15S Datasheet
MQHL-28-15S16-40 V16-50 V15V3.3A49.5WHLMQHL-28-15S Datasheet
MQFL-28-15S16-40 V16-50 V15V8A120WFLMQFL-28-15S Datasheet
MQBL-28-28S16-40 V16-50 V28V0.72A20WBLMQBL-28-28S Datasheet
MQHR-28-28S16-40 V16-50 V28V0.9A25WHRMQHR-28-28S Datasheet
MQHL-28-28S16-40 V16-50 V28V1.8A50.4WHLMQHL-28-28S Datasheet
MQFL-28-28S16-40 V16-50 V28V4A112WFLMQFL-28-28S Datasheet

Hi-Rel MQ-28 Dual Output Series

Model NumberContinuous Input VoltageTransient Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerPackage SizeDocuments
MQBL-28-05D16-40 V16-50 V± 5 V4A20WBLMQBL-28-05D Datasheet
MQHR-28-05D16-40 V16-50 V± 5 V5A25WHRMQHR-28-05D Datasheet
MQHL-28-05D16-40 V16-50 V± 5 V10A50WHLMQHL-28-05D Datasheet
MQFL-28-05D16-40 V16-50 V± 5 V24A120WFLMQFL-28-05D Datasheet
MQFL-28-6R5D16-40 V16-50 V± 6.5 V15A117WFLMQFL-28-6R5D Datasheet
MQBL-28-12D16-40 V16-50 V± 12 V1.6A19.2WBLMQBL-28-12D Datasheet
MQHL-28-12D16-40 V16-50 V± 12 V4A48WHLMQHL-28-12D Datasheet
MQFL-28-12D16-40 V16-50 V± 12 V10A120WFLMQFL-28-12D Datasheet
MQBL-28-15D16-40 V16-50 V± 15 V1.3A19.5WBLMQBL-28-15D Datasheet
MQHR-28-15D16-40 V16-50 V± 15 V1.65A25WHRMQHR-28-15D Datasheet
MQHL-28-15D16-40 V16-50 V± 15 V3.3A49.5WHLMQHL-28-15D Datasheet
MQFL-28-15D16-40 V16-50 V± 15 V8A120WFLMQFL-28-15D Datasheet

Hi-Rel MQ-28E Single Output Series

Model NumberContinuous Input VoltageTransient Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerPackage SizeDocuments 
MQFL-28E-1R5S16-70 V16-80 V1.5V40A60WFLMQFL-28E-1R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-1R8S16-70 V16-80 V1.8V40A72WHLMQFL-28E-1R8S Datasheet
MQHL-28E-2R5S16-70 V16-80 V2.5V20A50WHLMQHL-28E-2R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-2R5S16-70 V16-80 V2.5V40A100WFLMQFL-28E-2R5S Datasheet
MQHL-28E-3R3S16-70 V16-80 V3.3V15A49.5WHLMQHL-28E-3R3S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-3R3S16-70 V16-80 V3.3V30A100WFLMQFL-28E-3R3S Datasheet 
MQBL-28E-05S16-70 V16-80 V5V4A20WBLMQBL-28E-05S Datasheet
MQHR-28E-05S16-70 V16-80 V5V5A25WHRMQHR-28E-05S Datasheet 
MQHL-28E-05S16-70 V16-80 V5V10A50WHLMQHL-28E-05S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-05S16-70 V16-80 V5V24A120WFLMQFL-28E-05S Datasheet
MQBL-28E-06S16-70 V16-80 V6V3.3A19.8WBLMQBL-28E-06S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-06S16-70 V16-80 V6V20A120WFLMQFL-28E-06S Datasheet
MQHL-28E-7R5S16-70 V16-80 V7.5V6.6A50WHLMQHL-28E-7R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-7R5S16-70 V16-80 V7.5V15A120WFLMQFL-28E-7R5S Datasheet
MQBL-28E-09S16-70 V16-80 V9V2.2A20WBLMQBL-28E-09S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-09S16-70 V16-80 V9V13A117WFLMQFL-28E-09S Datasheet
MQHR-28E-12S16-70 V16-80 V12V2A24WHRMQHR-28E-12S Datasheet
MQHL-28E-12S16-70 V16-80 V12V4A48WHLMQHL-28E-12S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-12S16-70 V16-80 V12V10A120WFLMQFL-28E-12S Datasheet
MQHL-28E-15S16-70 V16-80 V15V3.3A49.5WHLMQHL-28E-15S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-15S16-70 V16-80 V15V8A120WFLMQFL-28E-15S Datasheet
MQHL-28E-28S16-70 V16-80 V28V1.8A50WHLMQHL-28E-28S Datasheet
MQFL-28E-28S16-70 V16-80 V28V4A112WFLMQFL-28E-28S Datasheet

Hi-Rel MQ-28E Dual Output Series

Model NumberContinuous Input VoltageTransient Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerPackage SizeDocuments 
MQHL-28E-05D16-70 V16-80 V± 5 V10A50WHLMQHL-28E-05D Datasheet
MQFL-28E-05D16-70 V16-80 V± 5 V24A120WFLMQFL-28E-05D Datasheet
MQHR-28E-12D16-70 V16-80 V± 12 V2A24WHRMQHR-28E-12D Datasheet
MQHL-28E-12D16-70 V16-80 V± 12 V4A48WHLMQHL-28E-12D Datasheet
MQFL-28E-12D16-70 V16-80 V± 12 V10A120WFLMQFL-28E-12D Datasheet
MQBL-28E-15D16-70 V16-80 V± 15 V1.3A19.5WBLMQBL-28E-15D Datasheet
MQHL-28E-15D16-70 V16-80 V± 15 V3.3A49.5WHLMQHL-28E-15D Datasheet
MQFL-28E-15D16-70 V16-80 V± 15 V8A120WFLMQFL-28E-15D Datasheet

Hi-Rel MQ-28V Single Output Series

Model NumberContinuous Input VoltageTransient Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerPackage SizeDocuments 
MQFL-28V-1R5S16-40 V5.5-50 V1.5V40A60WFLMQFL-28V-1R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-1R8S16-40 V5.5-50 V1.8V40A72WFLMQFL-28V-1R8S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-2R5S16-40 V5.5-50 V2.5V40A100WFLMQFL-28V-2R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-3R3S16-40 V5.5-50 V3.3V30A100WFLMQFL-28V-3R3S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-05S16-40 V5.5-50 V5V20A100WFLMQFL-28V-05S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-06S16-40 V5.5-50 V6V17A100WFLMQFL-28V-06S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-7R5S16-40 V5.5-50 V7.5V13A100WFLMQFL-28V-7R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-09S16-40 V5.5-50 V9V11A100WFLMQFL-28V-09S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-12S16-40 V5.5-50 V12V8A100WFLMQFL-28V-12S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-15S16-40 V5.5-50 V15V6.5A100WFLMQFL-28V-15S Datasheet
MQFL-28V-28S16-40 V5.5-50 V28V3.3A92.4WFLMQFL-28V-28SDatasheet

Hi-Rel MQ-28VE Single Output Series

Model NumberContinuous Input VoltageTransient Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerPackage SizeDocuments 
MQFL-28VE-1R5S19-70 V5.5-80 V1.5V40A60WFLMQFL-28VE-1R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-1R8S19-70 V5.5-80 V1.8V40A72WFLMQFL-28VE-1R8S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-2R5S19-70 V5.5-80 V2.5V40A100WFLMQFL-28VE-2R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-3R3S19-70 V5.5-80 V3.3V30A100WFLMQFL-28VE-3R3S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-05S19-70 V5.5-80 V5V20A100WFLMQFL-28VE-05S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-06S19-70 V5.5-80 V6V17A100WFLMQFL-28VE-06S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-7R5S19-70 V5.5-80 V7.5V13A97.5WFLMQFL-28VE-7R5S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-09S19-70 V5.5-80 V9V11A100WFLMQFL-28VE-09S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-12S19-70 V5.5-80 V12V8A96WFLMQFL-28VE-12S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-15S19-70 V5.5-80 V15V6.5A100WFLMQFL-28VE-15S Datasheet
MQFL-28VE-28S19-70 V5.5-80 V28V3.392.4WFLMQFL-28VE-28S Datasheet

Hi-Rel MQ-270 Single Output Series

Model NumberContinuous Input VoltageTransient Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerPackage SizeDocuments 
MQFL-270-1R5S155-400V155-475V1.5V40A60WFLMQFL-270-1R5S Datasheet
MQFl-270-1R8S155-400V155-475V1.8V40A72WFLMQFl-270-1R8S Datasheet
MQFL-270-2R5S155-400V155-475V2.5V40A100WFLMQFL-270-2R5S Datasheet
MQFL-270-3R3S155-400V155-475V3.3V30A99WFLMQFL-270-3R3S Datasheet
MQFL-270-05S155-400V155-475V5V24A120WFLMQFL-270-05S Datasheet
MQFL-270-06S155-400V155-475V6V20A120WFLMQFL-270-06S Datasheet
MQFL-270-7R5S155-400V155-475V7.5V16A120WFLMQFL-270-7R5S Datasheet
MQFL-270-09S155-400V155-475V9V13A117WFLMQFL-270-09S Datasheet
MQFL-270-12S155-400V155-475V12V10A120WFLMQFL-270-12S Datasheet
MQFL-270-15S155-400V155-475V15V8A120WFLMQFL-270-15S Datasheet
MQFL-270-28S155-400V155-475V28V4A112WFLMQFL-270-28S Datasheet

Hi-Rel MQ-270 Dual Output Series

Model NumberContinuous Input VoltageTransient Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerPackage SizeDocuments 
MQFL-270-05D155-400V155-475V± 5 V24A120WFLMQFL-270-05D Datasheet
MQFL-270-12D155-400V155-475V± 12 V10A120WFLMQFL-270-12D Datasheet
MQFL-270-15D155-400V155-475V± 15 V8A120WFLMQFL-270-15D Datasheet

Hi-Rel MQ-270L Single Output Series

Model NumberContinuous Input VoltageTransient Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentPowerPackage SizeDocuments 
MQFL-270-05D65-350V65-475V5V15A120WFLMQFL-270-05D Datasheet
MQFL-270-12D65-350V65-475V15V5A120WFLMQFL-270-12D Datasheet
MQFL-270-15D65-350V65-475V28V2.7A120WFLMQFL-270-15D Datasheet

Ask for Assistance

Selecting the right power supply for your application is not a small task. Let our technical sales engineers guide you through the process of choosing the right solution for your needs.

Below some parameters usually required to size and select the right power supply:

  • Power & control requirements
  • Output & Input Voltage / Multioutput Voltage / Variable Voltage
  • Redundancy level
  • Mounting
  • Inrush Current
  • Environmental specifications (Temperature, altitude, vibration, shock)
  • Specific Industries Standards (Railway, Military, Medical)
  • Terminals

Contact Our Team

Contact our team of experienced engineers to discuss your unique power conversion and backup needs. We offer a wide range of highly reliable components that can be integrated and customized to create a solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

For power automation systems please contact us at power.systems.automation@heliosps.com.au

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