8862 – DC/DC Converter: 70W

DC/DC Converter: 70W


MODEL Input V Output V Output A
8862-12/12 12V 13.2V 3.0A
8862-12/24 12V 24V 1.7A
8862-12/48 12V 48V 0.7A
8862-24/12 24V 13.2V 6.0A
8862-24/24 24V 24V 3.0A
8862-24/36 24V 36V 2.5A
8862-24/48 24V 48V 1.5A
8862-36/12 36V 13.2V 6.0A
8862-36/24 36V 24V 3.0A
8862-48/12 48V 13.2V 6.0A
8862-48/24 48V 24V 3.0A
8862-48/48 48V 48V 1.5A
8862-80/12 110V 13.2V 6.0A
8862-80/24 110V 24V 3.0A


Operating input voltage range 12 VDC        (10-16)
24 VDC        (18-32)
36 VDC        (30-48)
48VDC         (40-64)
110VDC       (75-140)
Output Power 70W
Output Voltage See series table
Output Current See series table
Efficiency Typically 80%.
Operating Temp:  -20°C to 40°C at full load derate linearly
to 60°C
Regulation line 5% over input range
load 5% at nominal input voltage

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