DC/DC Converters

The Site Converter Series are a high current, high-efficiency rack mount DC to DC converter designed for dual-voltage site applications where a 24 or 48 volt DC input needs to be converted to a 24 or 12 volt DC output to power two-way radios, repeaters, RF amplifiers, trunking systems, or other sensitive electronic equipment. With a wide-ranging input of 20 to 60VDC, the Site Converter will support both 48 and 24 systems. There are four models available to support 35Amps, 50Amps and 70 Amps

Amps or 100 Amps of peak current. Efficiency is 90%, meaning less energy will be lost in the conversion process.

The Site Converter is fully isolated, and can be used in positive or negative ground environments. The wide-ranging input voltage is also ideal for sites where the DC voltage may fluctuate. The Site Converter’s built-in protection features protect the converter as well as the connected loads from abnormalities.

Output voltage is adjustable between 12.5 and 14.5VDC or 25 and 29VDC using a front-mounted trim pot. A remote alarm contact will signal when DC fails or the converter shuts down. A remote contact terminal allows the converter to be shut down remotely for servicing or to conserve the battery when not in use.

Performance and Flexibility

The wide-ranging 20-60 volt DC input means the same Site Converter can be used with both 24 or 48 volt DC inputs to provide clean, efficient 12 or 24 volt DC power output.
The output voltage can be adjusted to allow for line drop, or for loads that have a very specific input voltage requirement. The remote alarm terminals will send a signal in the event of a failure.


Reliability is achieved through careful design that virtually eliminates internal wiring and connections that can fail. Wide input voltage ranges are less susceptible to voltage spikes and drops. Every unit is extensively tested before it leaves the factory. ICT DC-DC Converters have a proven track record of reliability over years of field service.


Model Number Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Range Output Current (Cont.) Output Current (Peak)
ICT206012-70AI2 20-60 VDC 12.5-14.5 VDCa)
+/- 300 mV
64 Amps 70 Amps
ICT206012-100AI2 20-60 VDC 12.5-14.5 VDCa)
+/- 300 mV
96  Amps 105 Amps
ICT206024-35AI2 20-60 VDC 25.0-29.0 VDC b)
+/- 600 mV
32  Amps 35 Amps
ICT206024-50AI2 20-60 VDC 25.0-29.0 VDC b)
+/- 600 mV
48  Amps 52 Amps
a) Factory set to 13.8VDC.  b) Factory set to 27.6VDC.


Input Voltage Range 20-60 VDC
Line Regulation 0.005
Load Regulation 0.03
Efficiency Typical 0.9
Operating Temperature  -30 C to +60 C

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