The OPUS Inverter system is a redundant, fault tolerant system. Inverter system is an optimal solution when long autonomy time and long battery service life are required. Inverter system fits in the standard 19″ racks and cabinets. EIM inverters efficiencies are high, up to 90%.

The OPUS Inverter system has a modular construction. The inverter modules can be combined with static switch, manual bypass, AC distribution and 3-phase synchronization modules based on customer’s needs.

The OPUS Inverter system can be integrated in the same cabinet as Efore DC power systems with ad- vanced VIDI+ controller, temperature sensors and battery monitoring.


Model Number Power Level (VA) Input Voltage (Vdc) V1 Out Nom (V) Output Current Max (A)
EIM62132VF 1000VA 20 – 32 230 4.4
EIM62134VF 1000 VA 40 – 72 230 4.4
EIM62135VF 1000VA/700W 88 – 150 230 4.4
EIM62136VF 1000VA/700W 178-275 230 4.4
EIM62232VF 1200VA/800W 20 – 32 230 5.2
EIM62234VF 1200VA/1200W 40 – 72 230 5.2
EIM62235VF 1200VA/1200W 88 – 150 230 5.2
EIM62236VF 1200VA/1200W 178-275 230 5.2


Input Voltage 24VDC
Nominal Power 1000-1200VA
Efficciency 83-90%
Load Power Factor Full Power rating from inductive to 0 capacitive
THD <2%
Isolation Input-Chassis 1500 VAC (2000 VDC), Input-Output 3000 VAC (4000 VDC),
Output-Chassis 1500 VAC (2000 VDC)
Protection Output current limiting, Overload and short circuit proof. Internal input and output fuses
LED-indications Input ON; Output ON; Output overloading, 4 levels; Overload/Fault
Relay alarms 2 relay contacts;
Remote monitoring Web interface, SNMP traps, SMTP mail alerts and Modbus TCP/IP through VIDI+ con- troller. Status information: for example input and output voltage, power, temperature, faults, etc. Parameter adjustment: limits, output voltage, overload, faults, etc.