The 2040 series is part of a family of 3-Step chargers from 10 – 240 watts. These 3-step chargers are designed for Cyclic applications, where the need to re-charge a battery as quickly as possible is the main requirement. The charger operates in a boost/timer mode for approximately 2 – 3 hours.

At the end of the timer period, the charger will return to a Float Voltage level, where it can be left on indefinitely. The timer is automatically activated when the AC power is switched on.


Model Output Cycle Voltage Float Current A Battery Capacity
2040 – 12 14.7V 13.8V 4.0A 15 – 90AH
2040 – 24 29.5V 27.6V 2.0A 7 – 45AH
2040 – 36 44.1V 41.4V 1.4A 5 – 30AH


Input Voltage 90 – 264VAC
Output Power 50 watts
Output Voltage 12V models: 13.8V float
24V models: 27.6V float
36V models: 41.4V float
Efficiency: Typically 81%
Load Regulation ±1%
Line Regulation ±0.5%
Operating Temp  -10°C to +40°C
Dimensions 135 x 80 x 44mm
Weight 350g