The ICT IntelliCharge Series is a high efficiency, power factor corrected DC power supply and battery charger that allows the battery charge to be regulated independently from the DC outputs, meaning that the battery will always receive the optimal charging current without the load being affected. Available with optional OLED high-resolution display and 1RU 19 inch rack mounting kit. Temperature compensated charging is supported with the optional battery temp sensor.


Description 12VDC Output   24VDC Output 48VDC Output
IntelliCharge Series Power Supply/Battery Charger, 180 Watts Output Power ICT24012A-15BC2 ICT24024A-7BC2 NA
IntelliCharge Series Power Supply/Battery Charger, 180 Watts, Digital Meter ICT24012A-15BC2M  ICT24024A-7BC2M NA
IntelliCharge Series Power Supply/Battery Charger, 360 Watts Output Power ICT24012A-30BC2 ICT24024A-15BC2 ICT24048A-7BC2
IntelliCharge Series Power Supply/Battery Charger, 360 Watts, Digital Meter ICT24012A-30BC2M   ICT24024A-15BC2M   ICT24048A-7BC2M
Remote Battery Temperature Sensor ICT-TMP ICT-TMP ICT-TMP
Wall Mount Bracket ICT-WMB ICT-WMB ICT-WMB
19 “ Rack Mount Kit (holds 1 or 2 IntelliCharge units) ICT-RMK5 ICT-RMK5 ICT-RMK5


Continuous Output Current – 12V 12A, 30A
Continuous Output Current – 24V 6A, 15A
Continuous Output Current – 48V 7.5A
Efficiency (typical) – 12V 0.9
Efficiency (typical) – 24V 0.91
Efficiency (typical) – 48V 0.93
Default Output Float Voltage – 12V (a) 13.65VDC
Default Output Float Voltage – 24V 27.3VDC
Default Output Float Voltage – 48V 54.6VDC
Input Voltage Range 100-265VAC
Frequency Range 50/60Hz
Power Factor (typical) 0.99
Output Ripple – all models < 50mV RMS
LVD Disconnect Voltage – 12V 11.0VDC
LVD Disconnect Voltage – 24V 22.0VDC
LVD Disconnect Voltage – 48V 44.0VDC
LVD Reconnect Voltage – 12V 12.5VDC
LVD Reconnect Voltage – 24V 25.0VDC
LVD Reconnect Voltage – 48V 50.0VDC
(a) Factory default set for AGM. User adjustable for flooded or gel.

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