ECP225 Series

Medical Power Supply IEC/EN60601-1

The ECP225 series of highly efficient low profile AC-DC power supplies. Delivering up to 150W by convection cooling alone, the units deliver a maximum of 225W when a forced air flow of only 10 CFM is applied. With a typical efficiency of 94% and a no-load power consumption of less than 0.5 Watt, the series helps engineers ensure their end product comply with the latest energy efficiency standards.

With a very low profile of just 25.4mm (1.0 inch) and a footprint measuring just 63.5 x 127 mm (2.5 x 5.0 inches), these ultra-compact power supplies occupy significantly less volume than similar rated power units on the market.

5 single-output models are available within the series, providing all the popular nominal output voltages from + 12 to + 48 VDC. A trim function permits a +/- 5% adjustment from stated output in order to compensate for load losses or special application requirements. In addition a + 12 VDC/0.5 A fan output is provided across the range.

Meeting the IT equipment safety specifications of UL/IEC/EN 60950-1 and the latest stringent 3rd edition medical safety standards ANSI/AAMI IS 60601-1 and IEC/EN60601-1, the ECP225 series is suitable for use in a wide range of information technology, industrial and medical equipment. The units also comply with the internationally recognised EMC standards EN55011 and EN55022 Class B specifications for conducted noise and Class A limits for radiated emissions.


ModelInputOutput  (Forced-cooled)Outout Power
ECP225PS1285 to 264 Vac12 V / 18.75 A225W
ECP225PS1585 to 264 Vac15 V / 15 A225W
ECP225PS2485 to 264 Vac24 V / 9.38 A225W
ECP225PS2885 to 264 Vac28 V / 8.04 A225W
ECP225PS4885 to 264 Vac48 V / 4.69 A225W


Dimensions:ECP225: 5.00 x 2.50 x 1.00 in (127.0 x 63.5 x 25.4 mm)
Input Voltage:85-264 VAC, Derate from 100% at 90 VAC to 90% at 85 VAC
No Load Input Power<0.5 W
Harmonic Currents:EN61000-3-2, class A ,EN61000-3-2 Class C for load >145 W
Operating Temp: -20 °C to +70 °C derate from 100% load at 50 °C to 50% load at 70 °C
Isolation:4000 VAC Input to Output
1500 VAC Input to Ground
1500 VAC Output to Ground
Worldwide Safety Approvals:IEC60950-1, IEC60601-1
European Safety Approvals:EN60950-1, EN60601-1
US Safety Approvals:UL60950-1, ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1
EMC:EN55022/11, Level B conducted & Level A radiated, Level B radiated with external core

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Selecting the right power supply for your application is not a small task. Let our technical sales engineers guide you through the process of choosing the right solution for your needs.

Below some parameters usually required to size and select the right power supply:

  • Power & control requirements
  • Output & Input Voltage / Multioutput Voltage / Variable Voltage
  • Redundancy level
  • Mounting
  • Inrush Current
  • Environmental specifications (Temperature, altitude, vibration, shock)
  • Specific Industries Standards (Railway, Military, Medical)
  • Terminals

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