BDS Series

Standalone AC/DC Power Supply  75W-300W

The BDS Series power supplies were designed for a range of Industrial applications, requiring a stand-alone solution, with mains power cord for AC power connection.

This allows the use of these power supplies in workshops or in fixed installations, with the AC power connection fully protected by the use of an IEC socket and mains power cord. The DC output is on heavy duty 30A terminals.

The internal of these units, is a standard dc power supply module that has a proven track record and reliability.Voltage adjustment is by way of a trim-pot ( on internal modules ), allowing for a minimum 10% voltage adjustment.Some of these units can also be used as a combined Power Supply / Battery Charger, offering a low cost & reliable Battery Back-up solution


Model Output (V) Output (A) Voltage Range Power (W)
BDS75-3 3.3V 15A 3.0-3.6V 75W
BDS75-5 5V 12A 4.75-5.5V 75W
BDS75-12 12V 6A 10.8-13.2V 75W
BDS75-15 15V 5A 13.5-16.5V 75W
BDS75-24 24V 3.2A 22.0-27.2V 75W
BDS75-36 36V 2.1A 32.0-40.0V 75W
BDS75-48 48V 1.6A 42.0-54.0V 75W
BDS100-3 3.3V 20A 3.0-3.3V 100W
BDS100-5 5V 16A 4.75-5.5V 100W
BDS100-12 12V 8.5A 10.8-13.2V 100W
BDS100-15 15V 7A 13.5-16.5V 100W
BDS100-24 24V 4.5A 22.0-27.2V 100W
BDS100-36 36V 3A 32.0-40.0V 100W
BDS100-48 48V 2.3A 42.0-54.0V 100W
BDS150-3 3.3V 30A 3.0-3.3V 150W
BDSS150-5 5V 26A 4.75-5.5V 150W
BDS150-12 12V 12.5A 10.8-13.2V 150W
BDS150-15 15V 10A 13.5-16.5V 150W
BDS150-24 24V 6.5A 22.0-27.2V 150W
BDS150-36 36V 4.3A 32.0-40.0V 150W
BDS150-48 48V 3.3A 42.0-54.0V 150W
BDS200-12B* 13.8V 13.4A 13.5 ~16.5V 200W
BDS200-48B* 54V 4.2A 42.0 ~ 57.6V 200W
BDS300-12B* 13.8V 21A 13.2~18V 300W
BDS300-24B* 27.6V 11A 20~28.8V 300W
BDS300-48B* 54V 5.6A 40-57.6V 300W
BDS200-3.3 3.3V 40A 3.0 ~3.6V 132W
BDS200-5 5.0V 40A 4.7 ~ 5.5V 200W
BDS200-7.5 7.5V 26.7A 6.8~8.2V 200W
BDS200-12 12V 16.7A 10.8 ~14.4V 200W
BDS200-15 15V 13.4A 13.5 ~16.5V 200W
BDS200-24 24V 8.4A 22.0~ 28.8V 200W
BDS200-36 36V 5.6A 32.0~40V 200W
BDS200-48 48V 4.2A 42.0 ~ 57.6V 200W
BDS300-12 12V 26A 9.6 ~13.2V 312W
BDS300-15 15V 21A 13.20 ~18.6V 315W
BDS300-24 24V 13A 20.0~ 28.8V 313W
BDS300-28 28V 11A 22.4 ~33.6V 312W
BDS300-36 36V 8.7A 28.8~40V 313W
BDS300-48 48V 6.7A 40.0 ~ 57.6V 320W
*Battery Charging models


Input Voltage  85 – 264VAC  ( 120 – 370VDC ), ( 110 / 230VAC  150W models )
Power Factor  0.95 200-300W models
Harmonics EN61000-3-2
Output Power 75 – 300 watts
Efficiency Model dependent: 67 ~ 85%
Output Voltage See table
Ripple & Noise Model dependent: 80 ~200mV ( 3.3V – 48V  )
Line Regulation Model dependent: 20 ~192mV  ( 3.3V – 48V  )
Load Regulation Model dependent: 40 ~384mV ( 3.3V – 48V )
Temp Co-Eff. 0.02% per ºC
Hold-Up time Typically 20ms
Parallel Operation NO
Operating Temp. -25ºC to  +50ºC @ 100% load, +70ºC @ 50%
Humidity 10 – 90% RH no dewdrop
Cooling 75 – 150W convection cooled , 200 – 300W Forced air by internal fan
Isolation Input – Output: 3000VAC
Input – Case: 2000VAC Output
Output – Case: 500VAC
Safety Internal module approvals: UL60950-1
EMI EN55011 / EN55022 – A
Immunity EN61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -8, -11.
Dimensions 300 x 150 x 75mm    ( 0.5 – 1.5kg )

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