Mil-COTS Unregulated DC-DC Bus Converters

These military-grade bus converters are the next-generation, board-mountable, isolated, fixed switching frequency DC‑DC converters that use synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high conversion efficiency. The Mil-COTS series provides an isolated step-down voltage from 270V or 600V to 31V intermediate bus with no regulation in a standard half-brick module. MCOTS Bus converters are ideal for creating the mid-bus voltage required to drive point-of-load (non-isolated) converters in Intermediate Bus Architectures.

Operational Features

  • High efficiency, up to 95% at full rated load current
  • Delivers up to 65A @ full power with minimal derating
  • Operating input voltage range: 230-400V, 440-700V, and 800-1000V
  • Fixed frequency switching provides predictable EMI
  • Industry-standard half-brick pin-out configuration
  • -55°C to +100°C Operating Temperature


  • Input under-voltage and over-voltage lockout protects against abnormal input voltages
  • Output current limit and short circuit protection (auto-recovery)
  • Thermal shutdown
  • On/Off control referenced to input side
  • Inherent current share (by droop method) for high current and parallel applications
  • Clock synchronization (primary reference)

Series Table

MCOTS-B-600-31-HT440 V – 700 V400 V – 750 V32.5 A1000W
MCOTS-B-270-31-HT230 V – 400 V155 V – 450 V32.5 A1000W
MCOTS-B-385-270-HT230 V – 400 V155 V – 450 V3.7 A900W
MCOTS-B-270-31-FT230 V – 400 V230 V – 450 V65 A2015W

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