RE3 – Electronic Power Conditioner

From 300VA to 250kVA

RE3 Voltage Stabilizers series are products with independent phase regulation, so it means that every single phase is treated through an Electronic Control Card individually, and a the same time it is managed by a microcontroller of the last generation, which controls the stabilizer operating. RE3 has a static Bypass in each phase, which allows shifting all the load to mains in case of any incidence and/or failure, protecting itself and avoiding a break in the power supply to the loads.

The equipment has optical indicators at the front based on lighting emitting diodes, which inform about its status. In addition, most of the RE3 models has a control panel with LCD, which allows checking the input/output voltage and frequency at any time. As an option, the control panel has the following measurements: output current, total active and apparent power and total load percentage per phase. All these measurements involve the availability of current transducers in each output

Although the standard input voltage range is ±15 %, under request it is possible to manufacture equipment with wider input voltage ranges, up to ±30 % (input window regulation). The voltage stabilizer provides protection against unexpected changes, irregularities, increasing and decreasing of mains voltage by means of an accurate voltage stabilization.

Input fuses or circuit breaker switches provide protection to the load and the stabilizer against sustained overloads. The cooling depends on the model and IP protection degree, so it can be natural or forced in order to keep stable the internal temperature. The equipment can include Maximum and Minimum voltage protections, supplying the needed control signal to break the output by means of a contactor, which can be fitted at the factory as an option, when the voltage exceeds the allowed limits or there is a mains failure. In order to keep protection against sudden voltage fluctuations, the supplied signal is delayed for few seconds.

It is also possible to include an option, which breaks the output of the stabilizer in case of overload. In this case, the output current transducers must be included, to provide this overload measurement. The stabilizer can include the Manual Bypass option, which is not ready to be manoeuvred with load. It allows supplying the loads during the maintenance tasks or stabilizer faults.

Regarding the communications, to highlight that the equipment with the control panel has a slot, which allows inserting the SICRES Ethernet card. Under request, the communication of the stabilizer can be increased by one programmable dry contact connected to a terminal strip and even to install a communication module with two serial channels and 5 additional dry contacts, provided that the control panel must be included.

Main Features

  • Power range, single and three-phase, up to 250 kVA
  • Ultra-fast regulation: reply speed under 100 ms
  • Digital control and parameters setting independent per phase.
  • Entirely static structure, without moving elements, greater reliability
  • Static bypass, loads always supplied
  • In three-phase units, independent regulation per phase, immune to imbalances
  • Output precision better than ±2%
  • Efficiency > 97%
  • Isolation transformer or ultra-isolation on unit output (optional)
  • LCD Display, as standard, from 6 kVA single-phase or 15 kVA three-phase
  • Detection of voltage input or output (max/min) out of margins, as standard (For models with LCD display)
  • Communication slot (For models with LCD display)
  • Overtemperature detection
  • Do not introduce harmonics, or alter the power factor of the installation
  • Unaffected by line voltage harmonics; stabilisation based on true RMS
  • Stable operation in the event of load and/or voltage variations
  • Highly robust and reliable (high MTBF)
  • Overvoltage surge suppression protection
  • More than 80% recyclable materials


  • Relay interface.
  • Manual maintenance bypass.(1)
  • Protection of high-low voltage with manual or automatic reset (output voltage disconnection when out of range)
  • Isolation transformer (T)
  • Ultra-isolation transformer (NS)
  • Current transformers for measures of current, power (kVA / kW) and power factor
  • Overload protection. (1)
  • Telemanagement card. (1)
  • Extended communications module. (1)
  • Extended ambient operating temperature from -20ºC.
  • Input & output circuit breaker

(1) Models with display


INPUTSingle phase voltage 120 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V
Three-phase voltage 3 x 208 V, 3 x 220 V, 3 x 380 V, 3 x 400 V, 3 x 415 V (3F+N) (3)
Regulation range ± 15% (1)
Frequency 47.5 ÷ 63 Hz
OUTPUTSingle phase voltage 120 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V
Three-phase voltage3 x 208 V, 3 x 220 V, 3 x 380 V, 3 x 400 V, 3 x 415 V (3F+N) (3)
AccuracyBetter than ± 2%
Frequency48 ÷ 63 Hz
Harmonic distortionNil
Response time100 ms
Efficiency> 97%
Permissible overload200% for 1 minute
GENERALSAmbient operating temperature -10º C ÷ +45º C (1)
Relative humidityUp to 95%, non-condensing
Maximum operating altitude2400 m.a.s.l.
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)60,000 hours
Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)30 minutes
Acoustic noise level at 1 metre< 45 dB (A) (2)
CoolingNatural or forced depending on power rate
Electrical noise attenuation on common modeWith isolation transformer > 40 dB
With ultra-isolation transformer > 120 dB
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)EN-61000-6-4; EN-61000-6-2
Quality and Environmental managementISO 9001 and ISO 14001
(1) Other ranges under request (2) <65 dB(A) for models with forced ventilation (3) Ask for other settings


(VA / W)
(D x W x H mm)
 RE-309-2300 280 x 210 x 1856
 RE-609-2600 280 x 210 x 1856
 RE-1009-21000 280 x 210 x 1859
 RE-2009-22000 390 x 250 x 19519
 RE-3009-23000 390 x 250 x 19522
 RE-4509-24500 460 x 300 x 22035
 RE3 M 6-26000 620 x 240 x 48944
 RE3 M 9-29000 620 x 240 x 48958
 RE3 M 12-212000 585 x 330 x 62567
 RE3 M 15-215000 590 x 340 x 58569
 RE3 M 20-220000585 x 330 x 625103
 RE3 M 30-230000 905 x 450 x 750154
 RE3 M 40-240000 905 x 450 x 750170
 RE3 M 50-250000 905 x 450 x 750186
Nomenclature, dimensions and weight for models: 230 V 50 Hz input / 230 V 50 Hz output and ± 15% input range.For models with isolation transformer and other configurations, consult. Others powers upon request
(VA / W)
(D x W x H mm)
 RET 3-43000 680 x 340 x 24032
 RET 6-46000 680 x 340 x 24061
 RET 9-49000 630 x 390 x 52068
 RE3 T 15-415000 905 x 460 x 75080
 RE3 T 20-420000 905 x 460 x 750117
 RE3 T 30-430000 905 x 460 x 750164
 RE3 T 45-445000 905 x 460 x 750225
 RE3 T 60-460000 905 x 460 x 750260
 RE3 T 75-475000840 x 605 x 2115317
 RE3 T 100-4100000840 x 605 x 2115343
 RE3 T 125-4125000840 x 605 x 2115438
 RE3 T 150-4150000840 x 805 x 2115650
 RE3 T 200-4200000840 x 805 x 2115850
 RE3 T 250-4250000 840 x 805 x 21151050
Nomenclature, dimensions and weight for models: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz input / 3 x 400 V 50 Hz output and ± 15% input range
(3) For models with isolation transformer and other configurations, consult. Others powers upon request.

Optional Galvanic Isolation Transformer

Between the input and output, an isolation transformer with separate windings and low capacity primary-secondary can be fitted. It adds an extra feature to the stabilizer itself.

The main advantage of this option is the input/output galvanic isolation, which get, with the own benefits that it means, the electrical noise attenuation coming from mains (in general noises created by machines, industrial equipment, switching transients, storms, etc.). The isolation transformer can be of two types: normal, with attenuation in common mode higher than 40 dB, and ultra-isolation with three shields, which achieve an attenuation higher than 120 dB.

Three-phase RE3 with galvanic isolation transformer does not require input neutral, the output one is generated by itself. Connect this neutral to the earth to referred it.

Ask for Assistance

Selecting the right power supply for your application is not a small task. Let our technical sales engineers guide you through the process of choosing the right solution for your needs.

Below some parameters usually required to size and select the right power supply:

  • Power & control requirements
  • Output & Input Voltage / Multioutput Voltage / Variable Voltage
  • Redundancy level
  • Mounting
  • Inrush Current
  • Environmental specifications (Temperature, altitude, vibration, shock)
  • Specific Industries Standards (Railway, Military, Medical)

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